Repairing an air conditioner can be expensive, especially when you have to get professional help. Luckily, not all repairs need expert help. Although costly repairs are sometimes unavoidable, you can first check the issue to see if you can comfortably repair it instead of calling for help. There are several air conditioning repair tips you can follow that will save you from spending hundreds of dollars.

Air Conditioning Repair Tips

 Before calling for professional services, you can first check your breaker, thermostat and ducts. Regularly cleaning your AC or changing the filter can prevent any potential damage to your machine. These simple maintenance tips can help you keep your AC for a long time. 

Examine the Breaker

Imagine calling for professional help, only for them to come in and flip a switch. You can avoid such embarrassment by first checking the breaker if your air conditioner won’t start. Having several different appliances and lights on the same breaker may cause it to trip.

Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Check Your Thermostat   

A battery-operated thermostat may just need new batteries. If the batteries are okay or the thermostat is not battery-operated, check whether the temperature is set below room temperature. You can also confirm that the settings did not change inadvertently. The problem could also be that it is not turned on or the fan is the only thing working. Remember that preventative maintenance will help prevent a large HVAC bill in the future.  

Constantly Change the Filter

A dirty and clogged filter causes a lot of damage to your air conditioner. When there is insufficient air flow, the system may not cool as required. A clogged filter may also lead to your system icing up. When iced up, your AC system will not cool as required. You can melt the ice off your system by turning it off and running the fan. This will fasten up the process. You can also just switch it off and wait for the ice to melt away. Check your filters regularly and replace them as often as possible.

Clean Your Air Conditioner

Before cleaning your machine, make sure it is switched off and disconnected. Dust off the outside of your unit and remove any debris around it. Carefully clean the fan blades and condenser fins. Be extra careful with both of these parts as they can easily bend and end up breaking. Examine your ducts to make sure they are not blocked and air is coming out of them. Clean them up too if they are dirty enough to block air flow. A register may be accidentally closed too, so do a cursory check to make sure air is freely flowing through the ducts

Although some problems will require an expert, you can save yourself the money by first applying the above air conditioning repair tips. If most of your appliances are on the same breaker and it trips, then it is time to consider adding a second breaker. Make sure the filter on your unit is regularly changed to avoid the formation of ice. Clean your air conditioner thoroughly and as often as possible and do not forget the ducts. If none of these air conditioning repair tips work, then call in a professional to check out the problem.