When it’s time to choose carpet floors, it’s natural to think of color and design first. The bedroom is not used as much as other rooms, so there’s a tendency to approach carpet selection in terms of what you want without regard for durability or maintenance. This article will go over the different types of carpets for bedrooms to consider.

Types of Carpet for Bedroom

Types of Carpets for Bedrooms

The different types of carpets for bedrooms include nylon carpet, polyester carpet, olefin and wool.

What to Consider First

Now ask yourself this: Who will be using the bedroom? Is it the bedroom for the parents or the children? Will grandmother be sleeping in the room or a 5-year-old son? The people using the bedroom will determine the type of carpet floors you will get over the years. Though color and designs are important, you want to choose a carpet that fits all your needs and not just aesthetic requirements. The following are types of carpet for bedrooms.

1. Nylon Carpet

It is most stain resistant and durable carpet fiber available on the market. It’s the best for a home with children and pets who need a lot of entertainment. This one varies in price depending on the price of the oil. They can be dyed topically or dyed in a molten state they can be printed easily. Nylon is perfect to create strong carpets that are ideal in the places that have to deal with a lot of traffic and for stairs.

2. Polyester Carpet

This has good physical properties and very stain resistant. They are dyed in a molten state. These rugs are resistant to water but very hard to clean. Their main disadvantage of collecting dirt. You will need to clean them regularly hence very hard to maintain. They are the best for stairs and home that have very high traffic.

3. Olefin

Olefin is more geared for commercial-grade carpets. It works well in high traffic areas and will tolerate a lot of wear and tear. There are stain-resistant and very long-lasting carpets. Even though they are very cheap, they can melt when subjected to low temperatures and can be simply crushed. They offer the best moisture and stain resistance but have poor quality when comparing to polyester and nylon.

4. Wool

Wool carpets have been in use since the concept of carpeting started. The main feature of wool carpet is its excellent durability. These types of fibers can easily be dyed and are available aplenty. When they are blended with synthetic fibers like nylon, their durability is increased. In modern carpets, blended wool yarns are used extensively. If money is not an issue, selecting a wool carpet is an excellent option as these come in a wide range of beautiful colors. Wool made rugs are also easier to clean in case they get a stain.

Bottom Line

Carpets can make any room look formal, casual, and even elegant. Knowing the different types of carpets for bedrooms can help you in choosing what is best for your home. Its fiber sells each carpet. It is one thing that catches the eye of anyone who enters your house and leaves a good impression. So, it is better to buy a high-quality material that lasts forever than to buy a cheap one and waste your money every next month.


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