Many homes have problems with bug infestations, but what causes bugs in house in the first place? Despite your efforts, you still realize that you can’t get rid of them. Like any other living thing, bugs come to look for food, water, and shelter and they always visit the place where there are lots of these. So, if your house is a feeding ground for bugs, then you should expect them to come more frequently. Common household bugs include flies, cockroaches, ants, fleas and many more. To help you maintain the level of bugs in your home, this article will go over what causes bugs in house and how to get rid of them once and for all.

What Causes Bugs in House

What Causes Bugs in House?

Letting Bugs Feel at Home

Any gaps you see on the surfaces of the house from the windows, doors, ventilation, tiny holes made by rodents are the routes to which the bugs use to get into the house. You find that you can’t close these important features of the house to prevent bugs from accessing your home. You can try some efforts to keep the bugs away as much as possible.

Seal Unnecessary Cracks and Openings

It is always necessary to perform routine around the house and whenever you notice undesired crack or hole, it is better to seal on the spot using the best material so that the crack or the gap can’t be reopened again. Unless you are freshening the inside of the house, cleaning or doing some dusting off, it’s better that you keep the doors and windows closed most of the time to block the access.

Unclean Kitchen

If you leave your kitchen counter or pantry with all types of leftovers, then you are the one inviting the bugs. All the bugs are in such of food, and the leftovers will always release that smell that will attract almost all types of bugs towards your kitchen. Make sure all the foodstuffs are locked in the kitchen cabinets and clean everything from the utensils to the counter top and the floor after meals to maintain hygiene which will not attract the bugs.

Damp Areas

If your house has some damp places, then you are likely to welcome bugs like centipedes, silverfish, and springtails. The best thing is to find out the source of the dampness and fix all the leaky faucets, pipes or drains and any other machine that may cause moisture.

Cleaning and Sweeping

If you let food crumbs, empty containers, dust and any other source of unwanted dirt, know that you are only providing habitat for bugs. You need to clean and sweep the house whenever you notice the dirt is accumulating even if it means twice a day. You also need to empty the trash cans regularly to prevent odor release that may invite bugs.

You should also do the same outside the house where you need to ensure your compound is clean without any debris. Collect all the debris including tree leaves and keep everything organized and less cluttered to minimize spaces where the bugs might decide to hide.


In conclusion, you now have the answer to what causes bugs in house and the precautions you need to take. By knowing what causes bugs in house and how to prevent them will help in keeping your home bug and pest free.


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