Accidents can come as a surprise and are often very sudden. Sometimes, accidents aren’t even your fault. This is usually the case for drivers of large vehicles such as moving trucks, since these trucks have more blind spots than regular cars. Since these trucks have more blind spots, it’s easier for drivers of moving trucks to be blamed for said accidents. So, how can you prevent being blamed for an accident that wasn’t your fault while on the job? Dashcams for the moving industry have grown in popularity for this reason. They not only provide video recordings of what happens in the front of the vehicle, but it also provides a variety of other benefits as well.

Dashcams for the Moving Industry
dashcams -in-the-moving-industry

What Are Dashcams for the Moving Industry?

Dashcam is short for dashboard camera. It is a small video camera that can either be installed on a dashboard or the windshield of a vehicle. These cameras are used to provide safety to the driver by having one sole purpose, to record everything. This video camera has the ability to record everything that goes on in the front of your vehicle and can be legally used to capture and record footage in public.

Benefits of Dashcams

Dashcams have grown in popularity in the moving industry because of the various benefits they offer. Some of them include:

  1. Proof for insurance claims:

Accidents are not predictable at all. Therefore, you will have to be prepared when you drive on the road for anything to happen at any moment. That’s why it’s beneficial to have a dashcam to record every second something happens, so that you’re able to have evidence when filing an insurance claim. This comes in handy when items and valuables in moving trucks get stolen or damaged, since you’ll have video footage to prove that such things did happen.

  1. Road guardian:

A dashcam not only works when you’re driving your vehicle, but it also works when your vehicle is parked. As mentioned above, this is another reason why dashcams can come in handy in the case of items and valuables being damaged or stolen from the moving truck because you’ll have video footage to prove it. Dashcams will also provide video evidence if someone were to accidentally hit your moving truck while it’s parked or damage the vehicle in any way.

  1. A trustworthy witness:

Your dashcam is a trustworthy witness. If you need to inform about any kinds of accidents and damage, then you can use the video recording on the dashcam.

Bottom Line

Accidents can happen at any moment and may not even be your fault at times. More is at risk when you’re driving a moving truck filled with someone’s valuables and items. This is why dashcams have grown immensely in popularity since they’re able to provide video footage of whatever were to happen on the road. Moving companies can use the footage found on the dashcams for insurance claims, as a road guardian, and as a trustworthy witness.


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