Granite has over the years gained popularity especially when it comes to countertops; and this is majorly due to its stunning beauty, stain resistance, as well as durability. What’s more, it is also a favorite for kitchens since it not only doubles as meals preparation work surface but because it can withstand heat. Even so, while many individuals are most familiar with the polished shine of granite, there are several available finishes. So which are the common types of granite finishes available?

Types of Granite Finishes

1. Polished Granite

This type of granite finish boasts a mirror-like glossy shine which reflects the light brilliantly subsequently drawing attention to the stone. Polished granite has been quite popular when it comes to kitchen designs for its ability to showcase the specks of the precise stone used. Moreover, numerous designers and homeowners go for it as its glossy finish creates elegance and richness to the room not to mention that a high-polish granite finish aids in repelling stains, rendering hence its common usage relative to kitchen countertops.

Polished granite finishes come in a wide array of color options that include shades of black, gold, gray, and white. Nonetheless, if you want something relatively more unique, there is also an assortment of missed-color designs like Marron Cohiba granite.

2. Honed Granite

This type of granite finishing creates a matte, or buffed appeal and is quite famous for its longevity and durability in addition to creating a modern look. After honing a stone, it loses the noticeably bright reflection like with polished finishes. Nonetheless, honed granite boasts a smooth surface like with polishes granite and is best used for flooring since it is less likely to exhibit signs of wearing or traffic patterns. Honed granite can also be used as backsplashes or countertops.

3. Flamed Granite

This is a type of granite finish that is created by heating it under extremely high temperatures through a controlled finishing process to produce a unique rough-textured stone boasting a more faded and natural appearance. Granite installation professionals say the use of extremely high heat results in the stone changing color and its grains bursting.

Flamed granite is suited for home areas usually susceptible to dampness. The use of granite in outside areas of a structure like a deck or a patio creates a unique and attractive appeal. Similarly, these slabs can function remarkably in outdoor kitchens since flamed granite is a good pick for open, exterior use. What’s more, this granite finish is well-suited for use in virtually any room in a house. It can also be used to significant effect for shower floors as well as other high-moisture places where it is not advisable to use natural stone choices.


Undoubtedly, it is easy to see why granite has in the last few years been a popular pick for designers and homeowners alike particularly with kitchen countertops. These few types of granite finishes outlined enable you to exploit granite’s functionality and beauty to fit your design choices and the overall décor of your home.


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