After purchasing a home many will wondering if they should use drapes or blinds to cover their windows. A big reason for installing window covers is for privacy purposes, as well as for blocking out sunlight. You will find that if you go from one home to another, There are a variety of window coverings. This post will discuss a few differences that will help you while choosing either drapes or blinds for your home.

Drapes or Blinds


People think that drapes and curtains are similar and can be used interchangeably. Well, you should note that these are two unique and different window treatment types. Drapes are typically floor length in size and they are exclusively constructed with heavy and thick fabrics. Some of their characteristics include:

  • Good for insulation and soundproofing rooms: while blinds offer nothing in soundproofing and insulation of a room, drapes, on the other hand, are good at reducing heat loss in winter as well as preventing cold drafts. Thick thermal drapes are also essential in creating a damp effect for bothersome and loud noises, something that makes them ideal for people who reside along train tracks, busy highways, and industrial facilities.
  • Gives formal appearance to a room: blinds are considered casual and informal, but drapes are formal in both function and appearance. They are perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, and areas that you entertain your guests at. When these are paired with shades or blinds, they add an elegant touch to the room.


Drapes or Blinds

Blinds are common in many homes and businesses. They are built with bottom rail, head rail, and individually adjustable slats. You are able to close them when you want to block light for protection or for privacy purposes, and open them when you want to let light in creating an outdoors view. Some of their characteristics include:

  • Inexpensive: blinds are among the most affordable window coverings that you can find on the market today. They are most suitable for those people who are looking for window treatments and working on a very tight budget.
  • Can be repaired with ease: blinds can be repaired easily because they are made using individual slats. When a slat is broken it can be replaced altogether or glued with ease. Blinds can also be easily cleaned and maintained, especially the aluminum and faux wood blinds, reducing the likelihood to become faded or stained over time in comparison to other window treatments.

Whether you choose either drapes or blinds, according to the discussion above, either will give your windows a better look. Beyond shielding your home from sunlight and protecting your privacy, the window covering you opt will also help to prevent your skin as well as prolong the lifespan of the furniture.


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