How can you start saving on your electricity bills in your office? There are several steps you can take to achieve energy saving in office. Wiring Pros mentions that there are various types of technology and behaviors that you can implement to start saving more energy in your office. This article will detail what typically affects high energy consumption in offices most, and what you can do to cut down on it.

Turn Off Office Equipment When They Are Not in Use

Every office has equipment that uses electricity. It’s important to make sure that you are switching things off and unplugging them if they’re not in use. This is applicable for computers, printers, phones, etc. Getting in the habit of turning things off when they’re not needed will drastically affect how much energy your commercial office consumes.

Utilize Sunlight

If your office has enough windows, you can open them and utilize the light rather than switching on lights all the time. This will not only bring more light into the office, but it will also help your employees from straining their eyes from looking into too much artificial light.

Replace Old Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs tend to consume lot of power. There are new models such as LEDs which can utilize less power but still deliver enough power. Changing your bulbs now can have long term effects in the future. Apart from installing the energy saving bulbs, you can also install occupancy sensors which will turn lights on only when it senses someone in the room.

Change HVAC Filters Regularly

If you let your air conditioning filters clog, they will stain the system which can lead to consumption of a lot of power. You should make necessary arrangements to have the system checked and maintained on a regular basis so that it can run at its optimum. There are also new models in the market which are energy efficient that have certain features to help you save energy.

Buy ENERGY STAR Office Equipment

To save on commercial electricity, you need to install systems which are built to consume power economically. You can also install solar panels which will make the whole operation in your office more energy efficient. The panels will allow you utilize less power from grid lines which in effect will lead to great savings on your part.

Energy saving in office can seem like an impossible task, considering how much space offices take up. With these tips and tricks, commercial offices can start saving on electricity bills and their energy consumption like pros.


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