There are plenty of energy saving tips and ways to save money around your home. And your freezer presents one of the best opportunities to cut down your monthly electric bill. By adopting a few freezer efficiency tips, you could save a substantial amount of cash every year.

Freezer Efficiency Tips

This article outlines some freezer efficiency tips you can use to ensure your freezer is in tip top condition and working as efficiently as it should. You can use the same tips for your fridge as well.

Practice The 2/3rds Full Rule

Your freezer uses a lot of energy to replace cold air that flows out every other time you open the door. By ensuring the freezer is at least 2/3 full, only 1/3 or less of the cool air will leak out when someone opens the door. This is especially crucial If you and your family open the doors of the freezer frequently.

Clean the Condenser Coils 2-3 Times A Year

Freezer Efficiency Tips

The condenser coils are responsible for keeping your fridge air cool and are usually either behind or below the fridge. If the coils have dust or other debris buildup on them, that will restrict air flow around the freezer, forcing it to work harder than it should. According to experts, keeping your condenser coils clean can help you to save up to 15% of the electricity that the freezer uses. Cleaning your condenser coils is a simple process, all you need are a long wire brush, some safety goggles, a dust mask and a vacuum.

Don’t Store Uncovered Liquids in Your Freezer

Adding uncovered liquids adds moisture inside the freezer, which in turn forces your compressor to work harder. Excess moisture can also force your compressor to work harder, which translates to more energy and higher electricity costs. The trick here is to ensure that all liquids as well as foods are covered before placing them in the freezer or fridge.

Make Sure There’s Airflow Around Your Freezer

If you store plenty of stuff on the top and sides of your freezer, it will be forced to work harder to get rid of the hot air created by the cooling process. So, keep it clearer and it will use less electricity and work more easily.

Keep an Eye on Frost Build Up

If your freezer has a frost buildup of 1/4” or more, then it’s time to get rid of that frost. Too much frost makes your freezer work harder than it needs to.

Peek, Grab and Close

This simple trick can save close to 7% of your freezer’s total energy usage. All you need to do is open and close the door quickly.

Bottom Line

These freezer efficiency tips can go a long way in cutting your energy costs. Moreover, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint and making the world a better place for future generations. So, the next time you’re paying your energy bills, remember that you can always save more by taking good care of your freezer.


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