Are you having difficulties trying to operate your fridge light? Do you want to know how to fix it?  When your fridge light won’t turn off, you’ll have to find out the cause of it first. It is not your light that is always responsible for this condition. There might be some other issues, causing problems in the operation of the light. Instead of changing the bulb, you can consider the following scenarios to find out the real causes as to why your fridge light won’t turn off.

Fridge Light Won’t Turn Off

    Your fridge light won’t turn off? You should firstly check the light bulb, light sockets, door light switch, ice dispenser and light bulb as well.

  1. Check the Light Bulb
  2. Remove the bulb from your fridge and check if the filament is in the proper condition. When the filament is broken, then certainly this is the culprit. You just need to replace the old bulb with the right one to fix the issue. You can also use a multimeter to know the bulb is in a good condition or not.

  3. Light Sockets
  4. If you find that the light bulb is absolutely fine and working well, then you will have to check other related parts like light sockets. Unplug your fridge first and then check the light sockets. While checking, make sure that the terminals are not discolored or damaged. If there is such a condition, then take the help of experts to fix it.

  5. Door Light Switch
  6. Your fridge turns on the light when you open the refrigerator door. The reason is that the door switch is released while opening. You can find the door switch top of the door, just inside of your fresh food compartment. The switch is usually mounted in a plastic liner of your fridge interior. It might be stuck. If this is the case, unplug your fridge and remove the part of the liner carefully. You can use multimeter for a continuity check. The continuity should not happen if the switch is down and it should happen when your switch is up. There will be a spring inside the switch that will make it pop up when you open the door. If it is not working properly, then you need to replace the switch.

  7. Ice Dispenser & Light Bulb
  8. If the light on your water and ice dispenser is not working, then you are left with one choice. You need to replace the old bulb with a new one. This light is not meant for overuse. Over usage will damage it early. Unplug your fridge first and then check socket terminals for discoloration or damage. Check the continuity of the off/on switch and then check the control plate to find out any possible damage.


    So, your fridge light won’t turn off? You can use the above tricks to figure out where the problem is rooting from and then fix your problem. This is a tactic that you’ll have to use a lot if you’re preparing for homeownership. You can avoid this condition along with others such as bad refrigerator compressor noise with some regular maintenance. If all these steps fail to help you to fix the issue, you can take the help of professionals.


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