With the end of the hot summer season and the arrival of winters approaching, it is the time to give your air conditioning system a break, and switch over to using your heating system. In most homes, it’s typically a furnace that keeps their home warm through the cold winter months. In order to ensure that all parts of your furnace are working properly, be sure to use this gas furnace inspection checklist to check the existence of the furnace, condition, general appearance, and other factors that go into its performance.

Gas Furnace Inspection Checklist

In order to be sure about every part working correctly of the gas furnace, you will have to inspect it thoroughly even if the blower assembly and furnace fan worked properly with your AC system. You cannot ensure the proper working of your gas furnace unless its thermostat set at 50 degree in the heat mode gives you warm air through its vents in the morning.

In this write-up, a checklist for the inspection of gas furnace is provided so that you can take preventive steps in time to ensure its proper working during peak winter season. It will also let you know which of its parts you can maintain yourself and for which parts you will have to call a professional service provider for the maintenance of your gas furnace.

Inspection of Gas Furnace

Gas Furnace Inspection Checklist

A gas furnace can be inspected visually as well as by listening to the sounds emitted from it. Moreover, visual inspection is also necessary to ensure proper working of the gas furnace as most of us install them in the attics, basement, crawl spaces or utility closets where they lie unattended during summer season. Another area in which you can find that something is wrong with your furnace is whether it emits a smell or not.

Checklist of Gas Furnace Inspection

Condition of the furnace: It can be confirmed visually as if the furnace is covered with rust or standing upright in proper condition.

General appearance: The general look of the gas furnace is as per your expectations or not, whether its sides are hanging or falling, or intact in their position.

Condition of gas line connectivity: You should ensure whether the gas line is safely and properly fastened to the gas furnace inlet.

Connectivity of inlet and outlet pipes: You should ensure the proper connectivity of fuel and vent pipes to the unit.

Condition of duct lines: If there are duct lines, then you should check their taped joints and insulation to avoid the leakage of warm air.


Once you have completed going through this gas furnace inspection checklist, you can safely start the thermostat of your gas furnace in the heat mode for the first time if it’s condition is good. But after starting it for the first time, you should focus on any weird sounds coming from your gas furnace as it can be due to some defect which cannot be noticed visually. In such condition you should immediately call a professional service to inspect your gas furnace thoroughly.


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