Solar panels have become a popular alternative energy solution for homes and businesses who want to harness renewable electricity. Depending on your geographical location, home or business facing and other factors, solar panels may be installed on roofs, backyards and patios. Technicians position them to get maximum sunlight for optimal collection of usable energy. As time comes, you may find several problems in regards to your solar panel installation. Wildlife, especially pigeons, find solar panels ideal for nesting purposes as it shields them from harmful elements. Aside from making your roof’s appearance unsightly, the waste these birds generate can clog up roof drains and block gutters, leading to expensive repairs. This article will go over five different ways you can use to know how to get rid of pigeons under solar panels.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Under Solar Panels

Five ways on how to get rid of pigeons under solar panels include removing twigs, leaves and other debris on your roof, cleaning bird waste and pet food and more.

Remove Twigs, Leaves and Other Debris

Make it difficult for invading pigeons to set up their nesting spots by eliminating items that could serve as materials for their home. Clean your roof, then the surrounding area of leaves, twigs and small objects.

Clean Bird Waste and Pet Food

Put your pet food indoors, or store them in your garage or shed with a tight-fitting lid. Clean up bird debris and other wastes as soon as you see them to maintain a well-kept appearance. You may find that pigeons can sometimes destroy flimsy or brittle containers, so make sure you use heavy containers from now on.

Put your rubbish in heavy metal or hard plastic bins. Don’t give pigeons a reason to stay and feed on your scraps by putting those bags in metal containers that have tight-fitting lids. Make sure to close the lid or the top properly whenever you take out the rubbish.

Be mindful of food scraps on your garden and yard. Birds and pigeons can be attracted to the food scraps that get left out in the yard and garden. When they regularly find food in one area, these birds will naturally want to make their home in them. Scan your property for any leftover food items that could be attracting wildlife, and dispose of it as soon as you see them.

Hire A Pest Specialist

When you’ve tried the methods outlined above and pigeons still make their home under your solar panel, it’s time to make a concentrated effort.

Leave it to the experts to do their job in protecting your solar panel investment. Pest technicians will have several ways to stop pigeons from building their nest on your solar panels. One, they can put up mesh material around your panels so the area will be inaccessible to animals. Two, they can install solar guards to deter birds and flying pests away from the equipment.

Bottom Line

These are the different ways on how to get rid of pigeons under solar panels. The key is to remove food and other things that can attract birds, then making your property as clean as possible. If these methods don’t work, then you can hire an expert technician who can install devices that can deter pigeons from nesting and setting up their home under your panels.


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