What are the best heat resistant roof materials? There are several materials available in the market. Jasper Roof suggests that you need to compare the different roofing maters available in terms of their durability and price before you decide on a given type of roofing material. You can also talk to experts about the right materials that you can use on your roof to ensure that you’re choosing the best for your home. A few of the best heat resistant roof materials include:

Heat Resistant Roof Materials - Keeping Your Home Cool

Overlays and Radiant Barriers

Due to advancements in technology, there are several materials which have been designed to assure you great heat reflection capabilities. This material can offer great insulating capabilities so that you can save energy in the home cooling process.

Slate Tile

This tile is a light colored earth toned slate which reduces the amount of heat

penetrating your roof.

Terracotta and Clay

You will find these materials used in warmer areas. If you in an area which experiences high heat, it will be a great idea if you can install these roofing materials. Clay is also highly durable and it will offer optimum cooling effects.

Cool Colored Concrete Tile

Concrete can be the best roofing material available. It is heavy, which will prevent heat penetration. It is also highly durable, hence it will last much longer before you have to replace it.

Green/Living Roofs

The green roof is made out of waterproof membranes with plants growing on it. The plants will offer great health benefits to your family, because it also purifies the air.

Solar/Photovoltanic Systems

These are shingles that come with solar panels. They are effective in reflecting heat away from your roof. These shingles also help in capturing the sun rays and turn them into electricity.

Rubber Membrane Roofing

These materials are made out of single ply white rubber. The heat reflecting effects of the white rubber will allow you to achieve the best heat insulation effects.

White Barrel ā€œSā€ Tile

This material has been tested by experts, and have been proved to be highly effective in cooling your home. You can achieve up to 74% of heat reflection from your roof. The tiles are highly effective in helping you cool the home.

White Flat Tile

The concrete tiling can be available in different varieties of cool colors. It is highly

effective in keeping the room cool. Use of different fibers and cement makes the roofing material idea for homes where you will like to save on energy by reducing heating costs.

White Metal Roofing

Metal roofing materials are highly effective in cooling your house. You can apply them and achieve great success in your home cooling. The materials are very durable. You can install them and enjoy a long lasting roofing system which is effective in cooling your home.

There are many roofing materials to choose from if you’re looking to upgrade or install a new roof on your home. It’s important to know the best heat resistant roof materials for the summer months.


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