Do you notice that your heater smells like rotten eggs or sulfur? If yes, do not worry because it’s a very common issue in many households. Contrary to what you might think, it’s not devastating and might be fixed easily on your own. Keep reading to find out the causes and how to deal with it.

Why Does Your Heater Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

The main reason why your water smells like a rotten egg is that it typically contains hydrogen sulfide. Even an extremely small amount of this substance can result in the distinctive and odorous smell. In most cases, it happens due to a lack of regular cleaning and maintenance, which leads to the accumulation of hydrogen sulfide in the heater. So if you have not used your unit in a few weeks, this might be the reason.

How to Determine the Sources

Worlock Air Conditioning says before you start to do anything, first it is necessary to figure out what is exactly causing these rotten egg smells. To do this, you can run both the cold and hot water in every faucet in your home:
– If the odor only comes from the hot water, then the issue might exist in the hot water unit
– If the odor comes from both parts, then the issue might exist in the ground/well or plumbing water
– Notice if the odor comes from a few or all faucets in your home. If the problem only occurs in isolated areas, the cause might lie in the pipes or drains rather than the whole water supply.

How to Deal with Rotten Egg Smells in Your Heater

– Clear the Pipes
The easiest way to deal with this problem is to turn on all of the faucets and let them run for around 10 minutes before turning them off. By doing this, you would clear out the pipes and remove the buildup of hydrogen sulfide

– Disinfect the Heater
Another simple way that you can do is to disinfect the heater. Simply set the machine to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit and allow it to operate for a few hours. This will ensure that all bacteria are killed, thus removing the odors.

– Install Filters
Installing the filters can be simple and effective in resolving this problem as it will prevent any bacteria or chemicals from penetrating water and cause odors. However, it might be a temporary solution and you have to replace these units regularly.
So, what should you do if your heater smells like rotten eggs? Be sure to inspect if it is coming from a gas leak or if you simply need to do some cleaning to your heater. The buildup of hydrogen sulfide can also be a reason behind an odor from your heater.

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