What do homeowners despise more than cockroaches? A pest that can be found in homes and cause more of a nuisance than cockroaches is bed bugs. Once you have bed bugs, they can seem impossible to remove successfully. Knowing how do bed bugs travel from room to room can help prevent the further infestation of bed bugs all around your home. 

How do Bed Bugs Travel From Room to Room?

How do Bed Bugs Travel From Room to Room?

Bed bugs are small pests present in Arizona and many other states, that can be about the size of an apple seed or smaller. These bugs are relative to fleas as they travel fast and can cause skin irritation with bites. The top way bed bugs travel is to use human or pet contact. Bed bugs attach to clothing, fur, bags and hair and travel to new homes to create new living spaces for themselves. Say that you visit a home or an infested area, bed bugs will not hesitate to attach to you, your clothes or your belongings if you get close enough. 

How Quickly do they Travel?

If you just so happen to have a pregnant bed bug in your presence, then you are in for a chaotic next few months. A pregnant female that makes a new nest in your home will find a place to lay her eggs, such as in piles of clothes left untouched. That ONE pregnant bed bug will lay about 60 to 100 eggs for the duration of a month. Because they were all laid at different times and are hatching on different cycles, 50 could hatch while 50 more are still waiting for their time to come. That’s just the first month, which typically will not be noticeable at the time. 

By the second month, you should start to notice some activity such as small brownish eggs that look like small dirt particles in your furniture. Also, by this time, you should definitely have about 10 adults living it up in your home. You just have to hope that none of these new adult bed bugs are female. This is when it is best to find the problem so that you can clean out the eggs and prevent a whole new population of bed bugs from forming inside your home. 

In the case that you haven’t noticed the bed bugs yet, you will definitely see and feel their presence during the third month. After 3 months of birthing, hatching and impregnating more bedbugs, there are sure to be over 100 adults mating and making more eggs. 

When to Treat Your Home

The second you believe there are bed bugs in your apartment or home, it’s important to start treatment immediately. Bed bugs are not something to be taken lightly, which is why it’s best to professionally treat your home for bed bugs. 

In Conclusion

In less than HALF of a year, one female can create a colony of 1,000 plus bedbugs. So, how do bed bugs travel from room to room? By attaching to our clothes, pets and other fabrics for transportation.