Static phase converters can help you in a great way to meet your power needs. Regardless if it is for residential or commercial purpose, it is best to explore all options to see if static phase converters work for you. So, how does a static phase converter work? In this article you will learn how static phase converters work, and why they may be beneficial to you.

Why Use a Static Phase Converter?

These converters are advanced. Their construction process ensures an improved performance, and have been verified for production success. These are industrialized as well. In addition, the static phase converters are able to run 3 phase equipment only from a single phase power. This unique facility makes it one of the favorite choices in industrial settings for power management.

How Does a Static Phase Converter Work

The starting process is simple. The converter has a powerful motor to ensure a smooth working process. To start up, it uses the motor start capacities. It enables the 3 phase motor to start on a single phase power. You do not need to connect the capacitors to your device for all the time. These are designed to be used to make your device start.

When to Disconnect the Capacitor

Once your motor reaches the full RPM and it effortlessly continues to work on the two single-phase lines, you need to disconnect the capacitors. During this period, around two-thirds of winding of your motor will be energized. It will generate two-thirds power of your motor. Your motor will work at full potential even if the capacitors are disconnected.

What are the Features of Static Phase Converters?How Does a Static Phase Converter Work

There are features incorporated to boost the performance of your converter and to ensure an effortless start process. These features make the device to start a 3 phase motor on the single phase power. Some keys features of the static phase converter are high-voltage start capacitors, universal mounting options, easily accessible wiring junction box, a robust state circuit, and the digital/electronic motor starting relay. You cannot expect all these features from the similar products of the industry. In addition, the product is reliable. It has received appreciations for all the improved features.

What are the Available Models?

You will find two types of the static phase converter unit models. There are High-Low Double Horsepower Rated, and Standard Heavy Duty Converter. You can choose the one depending on your unique needs. When the Standard Heavy Duty is known for horsepower ranges, High-Low Double Horsepower Rated converter similarly to using two Standard Heavy-Duty units.

Bottom Line

So, how does a static phase converter work? The ultimate job of a static phase converter is to power a three-phase unit. Remember that there are two types of phase converters to choose from. While they do the same job, both perform at different levels.


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