How to convert three-phase to single phase power can be achieved in several ways. Phoenix Phase Converters states that you need to take into consideration your specific needs before you decide on a given method. For instance, if you would like to achieve a conversion where you need more power, then there are some methods which may not work. The reliability of different methods also varies. The load specification is also another factor that you need to take into consideration.

After taking all of the above items into consideration, some of the methods you can apply to achieve the conversion include the following:

Use One of the Phases in the 3-Phase System and a Neutral Line

If you can ignore the two phases in 3-phase and apply a neutral line to one of the phases, you can easily achieve a single phase connection out of the three phase system. It is a quick method you can apply — but it will not be very reliable as the power produced is not accurately balanced.

Convert to a DC Supply then to a Single Phase

It is possible to convert an AC current into a DC then proceed to have it in a single phase. You will need a rectifier to achieve the conversion. There are different models of the electronic rectifiers in the market; hence you need to go for one and apply it in the current. It is a reliable method you can apply to achieve the conversion.

Single Phase Transformer

If you can get a single phase transformer, then your task will be half solved. The transformer is made in such way you can connect it between the two connections where it will then transform your three phase supply to a single phase. It is mainly used in supply lines where the conversion should be made for different reasons. With the transformer installation, you will need technical know-how to have done the installation correctly.

Open Delta Transformers

If you’re looking to convert more than 5KVA to a single phase, then you will need more than just a single phase transformer. The Open Delta Transformer is highly reliable — therefore, you can achieve the conversion and maintain a balanced current supply.

Scott T Transformers

Scott T Transformers are among the popular methods which can be applied to change a three phase into a single phase system. It involves the use of a teaser transformer and the main one which are connected in such a way where you can achieve up to 90% conversion to the single phase. You will have to invest in the two transformers to apply the method in your phase transformations.

Le-Blanc Transformers

With the Le-Blanc transformer, you can achieve up to 120% conversion of the load rating. You can compare this transformer with the rest, so that you can make an informed decision in which you would rather use in your connections.


There are many methods that you could look into when learning how to convert three-phase to single phase power. Before you decide on which method you want to utilize, you should consider how much current you’ll be needing based on whatever task you want to accomplish. Depending on the method, it will yield varied results — but will still show you how to convert three-phase to single phase power with ease.



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