Your pavers are sinking, but don’t know how to fix sunken pavers? Sadly, this is a common occurrence: some of your pavers might begin to sink over time, and if you don’t know how to fix sunken driveway pavers right away, the cost to repair sunken pavers might escalate until it becomes virtually unaffordable. What’s worse, broken pavers become some sort of an eyesore and even a safety hazard, so ignoring them it’s not the answer at all. If you notice a few of the pavers sinking in your or driveway, don’t worry: there’s no need for replacing pavers. There’s a how to repair sunken block paving DIY method that will get you out of trouble, and we’ll give it to you right now.

How to Fix Sunken Pavers

If you are designing a house, it is important to consider what the pavers will look like. From the type of pavers, the thickness of pavers, and possible issues you may have. If you’ve noticed that your pavers are sinking, and don’t know how to fix sunken pavers, this guide will present you with a foolproof DIY method that will save your flooring and your wallet. Spoilers – it’s an easy trick.

How to Fix Sunken Pavers
How to Fix Sunken Pavers

Step 1

First things first: pry up the loosened pavers with a flat-bladed screwdriver through their ends and remove them. The main point of the first phase is to get the pavers out, intact, so if you’re having problems, you can get a second screwdriver and wiggle the pavers through their ends a little bit so you can take them out without destroying them; remember: “intact” is your keyword here.

However, if the pavers are wedged in tight, get a rubber mallet and pound them up. Do it gently, though, as to not break them.

Step 2

Do you know those screed boards used to level fresh concrete? Prepare a long one because you’ll use it to scrape and level out the ground beneath the pavers, and it needs to reach all the way to the level pavers surrounding the sunken area. Once you have it, butt it against the in-place pavers and notch its edges right where the pavers hit.

Step 3

Finally, add sand to the sunken area and pull the screed board over it to level out the surface (be sure that the notched ends of the screen are aligned with the level pavers). After this, reset the pavers and use a rubber mallet to pound them down until they’re at the same level with the other in-placed pavers. Remove the remaining sand from the surface and you’re set.

Last Considerations

Why are my pavers sinking?

How to Fix Sunken Pavers
How to Fix Sunken Pavers

Usually they’re sign that your house’s base wasn’t properly compacted during construction, and thus causing drainage issues on your property that allowed for sinking ground.

How do I stop my pavers from sinking?

Add a solid edge to your patio and spread some fine sand over the cracks to keep hold of the bricks. This will keep your pavers in their place for a longer time.

As you can see, the answer to the question “how to fix sunken pavers” is not replacing pavers per se (that’d be only a last resort), but simply adding a bit more sand on the sunken areas. Although it could also be a good idea to hire an expert who knows how to repair sunken block paving, the cost to repair sunken pavers is not worth it once you know how to fix sunken driveway pavers by yourself. As you found out in our guide, it’s nothing out of this world at all.