Pigeons can be an absolute nuisance to anyone who loves their garden. They come in and make a home where you’re trying to flourish your plants and they prematurely eat all of your fruits and vegetables. Pigeons are also known to spread disease through their feces and feathers, which you don’t want to land anywhere near your soon to be picked and utilized crops. Many of you gardeners wonder how to keep pigeons out of your garden and here is how to do so.

How to Keep Pigeons Out of Your Garden

Reflective deterrent

Have you ever seen another person’s garden with a plethora of CD’s hanging from their plants? This isn’t just for decorative purposes, CD’s are a reflective object that scare and blind pigeons, making it unappealing for them to even land and consider making a nest.

Scarecrow or Statue

How to Keep Pigeons Out of Your Garden

Pigeons are often scared of gardens that appear to be always occupied because of a scarecrow. Some gardeners will even invest in a statue that looks something similar to a scary predator such as a lion or bear. It would be best to make or find something that can move around and trick the pigeons into thinking there is always motion going on that they want to avoid. If all else fails, let your dog scare them off.

Cover the Garden for Protection

A sure way to keep any flying pests from taking over your plants is to keep them

Inaccessible. You can either construct some kind of shelter out of chicken wiring, a mesh breathable netting or a shed that can be purchased from a gardening depot.   

Spray Them With Water

If you have the time and patience, you can always spray the pigeons with the house as you see them. This is a good deterrent for a short period of time, as the pigeons will most likely return when they don’t see you standing outside with the hose in your hand.

Spice Bags

Pigeons and strong spices don’t mix. They get a very unsatisfying sensation when they come across the scent of black pepper, cinnamon or chili peppers. Spreading these spices around the area or having tea bags full of these spices surrounding the garden should keep pigeons and many other unwanted birds from making a home with your homegrown produce.  

Sound Making Device

If none of the more natural deterrents are doing the job, investing in an ultrasonic device may be the last resort. Basically, an uncomfortable noise that these devices create will make your garden the last place a pigeon will want to be. Be aware that this revolution will also irritate other animals such as pets and unharmful birds.

Motion Detecting Device

You know those silly toy fish some people have that sings loudly every time someone walks past it? If you do know about them (or better yet, if you have one) then you can use this to scare pigeons away. Place it on a place that pigeons typically like to perch in your garden and watch them flee in fear once the device starts to sing.

If you are looking for a natural resolution or a last resort, try these options that can help you figure out how to keep pigeons out of your garden.  


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