Do you know how to measure your roof for shingles? It is easy. You need a tape measure and a calculator and you will be good to go. It is necessary to measure the total roof area so that you can order the exact materials for the roofing project. Be sure to take time and measure the area of your roof before you head to buy the required roofing materials. The roofing materials are is measured in square feet which will give you the exact amount of materials you need for the roofing project. Here are the steps you can take to have the right measurements.

How to Measure Your Roof for Shingles

Measure the length of each individual plane

To measure the length, you need to spread the tape measure on each individual plane. In most cases, the roofs have two planes. You need to measure each plane and indicate down the distance between the two points. Ensure you start from the
start till the end. The tape measure should be spread well to avoid cases where
you can end up taking wrong measurements.

Measure width of each planeknow-how-many-shingles-your-roof-needs

Depending on the number of planes you have, you should measure each individual width of the planes and note them down. It is necessary to try and note the width down so that you can avoid cases where you will end up mixing the measurements if the roof has several planes. You can indicate the number against each measurement so that you can know which width and length corresponding to each other.

Find the area of each plane

To find the area of each individual plane, you need to multiply the length and the width.
Ensure the width and the length you multiply corresponding to each other. You should note down each area for the purpose of summing up. The process of
getting the area is very easy; you need to multiply the width and the length of
each plane. If you have a calculator, the process should be very easy. If there
are some planes which are in other shapes, you need to apply the formula of finding area in such shapes so that you can get the accurate information.

Add the total area of the planes

To find the total area, you need to sum up the areas. Ensure you have added all the areas you had obtained above so that you can have an exact measurement of your area. You should always convert the area into square feet so that it will be easy to buy the require shingles because the shingles are available in square feet.

Are you still wondering how to measure your roof for shingles? You can apply the above tips to get the exact area of the shingles required for your roofing project.

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