The bathroom is usually one of the most intensely-used spaces in our home. That’s why it is a popular candidate for remodeling and renovating. Although these projects can be cheaper than constructing a new one, it still tends to be expensive. That’s why it is essential for homeowners to make a careful and thorough plan on their budgets. In this guide, we’ll show you a few inexpensive bathroom remodel ideas to ensure that your wallet does not take any surprise hit.

Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel Ideas

1. Use a pre-fabricated

Have you made your decision that your shower or tub is beyond refinishing? In most cases, hiring a tradesman to construct a structure out of tile from scratch might be the most expensive choice. Instead, it’s advisable to choose pre-fab showers. If you really want to have a tiled unit, then save a bit of expense and hassle by fusing the poly shower pan with the tiles.

2. Refinish your shower or tub

The bathtub and shower should be the last things that you try to replace in your bathroom. Keep in mind that these are one of the most expensive parts in your home. Thus, consider refinishing and relining them if the issue is just cosmetic, such as some nicks, cracks, or yellow surfaces. This can be much cheaper while still ensuring a better look in your bathroom.

3. Choose grout color tilesbudget-friendly-bathroom-remodel-ideas

While tiling most or all of your wall surfaces can bring a greatly polished look, it might break your bank due to added costs. The most affordable choice that you might find in most stores is the white ceramic tile. However, its finished look might sometimes seem a little bit flat. In these cases, consider using a colored or dark grout to make your bathroom stand out. More importantly, gray grout usually has the same price as white tones.

4. Install larger-format tiles

Another affordable yet distinctive idea to create a unique bathroom space is to use larger-format tiles. Instead of using the typical 6-inch or 3-inch units, try to look for an out-of-the-box measurement. Those sizes such as 4×8 inches or 2×9 inches can make the entire space look different and outstanding from the rest.

5. Add tile rugs

Most designers might tell you that you should spend most of remodeling budget on the floor because it has the most important impact. While that is totally true, it can also be expensive. Instead of installing a costly stone mosaic in the entire area, you might save a lot by placing a rug with a few square meters of something eye-catching and adding large-format tiles in the coordinating stone surrounding it.

6. Consider using chrome plumbing fittings

When it comes to choosing a finish for the plumbing fittings in your bathroom, there are a variety of options available on the market, such as brass, bronze, nickel, and more. But if you want the least expensive one, then chrome is often an acceptable material. Not only is it easy to keep clean and maintain, chrome can also add a great look in both traditional and modern space.
These inexpensive bathroom remodel ideas should help your bathroom feel new without going over budget. Using new finishes, refinishing, and textiles are all DIY options to help you get started.

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