Washing machines are essential appliances in every home. Like any other appliance, washing machines make our life easier by helping us clean our dirty laundry. However, many people often overlook the fact that these gadgets need regular care and maintenance in order to function smoothly. Here are some washing machine maintenance tips to stop problems before they start.

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Often, people don’t pay any attention to their washing machine until the washer suddenly stops mid-cycle or when the fill hose bursts spilling water all over the house. To avoid such inconveniences, it’s crucial to maintain your washer regularly, and fix minor repairs before they get worse. We have rounded up a few useful washing machine maintenance tips to keep your machine in good order.

1. Daily Maintenance

It’s recommended that when you finish washing your clothes, you keep the door of your washer open to allow the dampness and moisture to dry out. This daily maintenance to keep the washer dry prevents musty smell in the tub. If the clothes are greasy and dirty, ensure that you clean the washer’s walls and the tub with a moist cloth to remove any slime.

2. Don’t Put Everything in Your Washer

Some people think that a washing machine can wash everything, which is wrong. To make your washer stand the test of time, avoid washing your heavy carpets with your machine. This puts pressure on the washer’s motor, causing internal damage.

3. Clean the Interior

Your machine can wash your clothes but it can’t wash itself. So, it’s your responsibility to clean your washing machine. If your washer came with a removable lint filter, then you should regularly detach it and remove the built-up lint and then reattach it. If the lint accumulates there, it will clog the water pipes, resulting in improper washing of your clothes. In addition, you should regularly remove grease, dirt, and detergent build up from the water pipes, dispenser and tub to increase the performance of your machine. To do this, simply run the machine with 2 cups of white vinegar or lime juice and water without clothes. Do this every three months to ensure the interior of the machine is always clean and free from hard water residue dirt and grease build up.

4. Avoid Using Excess Detergent

Some people think that using more detergent will make their washers do a better job. They will load the machine with a heap of greasy and dirty clothes and pour a large amount of detergent hoping it will remove the stains. But it doesn’t work. Always wash your laundry in small loads using less detergent. Using excess detergent will not only damage your clothes but also the machine’s motor and water pipes.

5. Do not Overload

Washing too many clothes in one go isn’t recommended. Overloading your washer puts pressure on the motor, resulting in overheating and eventually damage. Also, overloading may result in poor or no cycles at all. If you still want to wash a heavy load in one go, then choose the heavy load wash option on your machine. This will use a large amount of water and your laundry will come out clean. But we recommend that do not use this option every time as it increases your monthly water bills and puts pressure on the machine’s motor.

6. Inspect Your Machine’s Hoses Regularly

Another important thing to do to keep your washing working smoothly is checking the fill and drain water hoses. These hoses are often made of plastic and rubber and over time, they can wear down leading to leaks or rupture. Water leakage from your washer can cause considerable water damage in your home so you need to be vigilant. Inspect the hoses every few months for any signs of wear and tear or cracks. Most washing machine manufacturers recommend that you should replace the machine hoses every few years or so.

7. Inspect Your Machine For Rust and Remove it

Sometimes you may notice that your clothes have reddish-orange spots after washing with your machine. This is often due to rust. To take care of this, look for any rusted spots in the dispenser or tub. The rust spots can easily be removed by running the machine for one cycle with 2 cups and hot water. If this doesn’t work for you, you should replace the tub. The water pipes could also get rusted so have them checked too.

To Summarize

As many people prepare for homeownership, they often don’t think about appliance maintenance. These are some of the tips to maintain and take care of your washing machine. Remember the importance of routinely inspecting your washer. By following them, you’ll increase the performance of your machine and its lifespan.


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