Plants That Keep Spiders Away – Keeping Your Home Bug Free

Do you get a knee jerk reaction when you see spiders? Spiders can be creepy and scary — especially for people who don’t like them. Moreover, it would be tricky to kill an insect that scares you. Most people try to find ways to naturally remove spiders from their houses or compounds, which can expose themselves to toxins. One of the natural ways to get rid of such pests is to use plants that keep spiders away.

Keeping Spiders Away from Your Home Naturally

Some plants are known to repel not only spiders, but also other insects. Besides repelling spiders, plants will also bring a refreshing feeling and add a touch of serenity to your backyard, front yard or inside of your home. Although using plants is a simple and effective way of keeping spiders and other bugs off your property and protecting your family, you may once in a while need to use simple capture and removal methods — especially if you live in areas such as Mesa, Scottsdale, or other dry cities that usually have more spiders. Here are some plants you can use to keep bugs off your property:


plants that keep spiders away

Not only does lavender come with a sweet aroma, but it can also be used to drive bugs away. First, you can dry the flowers and place them inside closets or where you frequently see spiders in your house or compound. Lavender flowers can also be used to make essential oils which you can then use to spray around your compound or house. Lavender can be grown anywhere in your home including inside the house in containers, in well-drained soil outside the house, or even in drain holes.


Eucalyptus is a genus of shrubs and flowering trees, and can be used to repel bugs off of your compound. Essential oils from eucalyptus plants can be used to drive away spiders. If you choose to use this plant in driving bugs away, you need to understand that it cannot be grown in cold temperatures. Ensure that the temperature in which you grow eucalyptus does not exceed 20 degrees fahrenheit.


Red spiders or spider mites can cause a lot of damage to your garden plants. The spiders can feed on your plant nutrients, leaving them to wilt and stunting the plant’s growth. If you are planning on adding onions to your garden, you need first to get rid of spider mites by spraying a mixture of one teaspoon of dish soap, one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, one gallon of water and one teaspoon of vegetable oil.


plants that keep spiders away

Mint has a strong and pleasant aroma, and is mostly associated with candy canes or gum. The aroma is known for driving away spiders, and you can choose to grow it outside in well-drained soil or inside your home under fluorescent bulbs. This makes mint a hardy perennial that you can grow either inside or outside your home. Apart from using mint as a repellent, it can be used in brewing tea for an upset stomach.

Bottom Line

Not everyone finds spiders fun, and you might be one of those people. Relying on natural ways can help you to repel these bugs. Besides, most of the plants listed above do not only drive away spiders but also other bugs from your home. By using these plants that keep spiders away, you will have an insect free environment.