Organizing your garage can help maximize the available space for storage purposes. If we need to reap its benefits, the garage should be kept clean and well organized throughout the year. It will only take a few tips to organize your garage and make it easy to access. That said, the guide below provides quick garage organizing tips.

Quick Garage Organizing Tips 

Some quick garage organizing tips include having to plan ahead of time, being prepared, starting small, going vertical and more. 

1. Plan Ahead of Time 

In the same way, you spare time for important tasks, also plan to get your garage cleaned. To make it easier, dedicate a whole day for your garage, particularly when you have a plan. Take everything out of the garage for a fresh organization.

2. Be Prepared

Planning will help ensure all the storage items are in place, regardless of what room you’re organizing whether it be your garage, office or bedroom. You don’t want to throw items anyhow only to be frustrated later when looking for such items. Have your baskets and bins ready and create a checklist for all items. This will help put similar items in one place. Ensure you have the following supplies before the cleaning day:

• Packaging boxes of all sizes

• Trash bags and bins

• Cleaning supplies

• Empty boxes 

If your garage requires a lot of cleaning, request the local municipality for a dumping site for huge debris. Now that you have an empty garage space, clean it properly. Ensure the space is free of dust and oil spills from your car. Also, check if your garage requires technical check-ups.

3. Start Small

Organizing a garage may seem overwhelming. To make it easier, start small and go big. Group items and focus on one at a time when decluttering. That way, you can group items to stay and those to go out of the garage. Once you have gathered everything, consider the amount of time required per item. Which items will require more space? Do you have any dangerous tools? Asking yourself such a question will help you organize your items into the right group.

4. Go Vertical

There is more space in your garage than you think. Cabinets and pegboards are crucial storages to keep your items above the ground.

5. Designate the Space 

If you have a spacious garage space, assign every family member space of their own. This is where they can keep their items without congesting them everywhere. Crate baskets and cubbies for storage. If you have kids, give them lockers to keep items such as knee pads, helmets, boots and more. When every member has their own space, it becomes easier to locate items. Also, items don’t pile up and create an ugly sight. 

6. Enlist Help

Don’t tackle it on your own. If you have friends, ask them to help you organize your garage. Doing it alone can be tiring and you may end up abandoning halfway. In the same line, have a plan to direct your friends when cleaning and organizing. 

7. Trash or Donate Items

Not all items will fit in the garage. Some items have no use in the garage. To avoid unnecessary piling, consider donating them or trashing. 

8. Use the Wall

Items such as hoes, rakes, and shovels require little space to keep. However, without proper storage, they end up using a lot of space. They also cause accidents and trippings. To avoid this, hang such items on the wall to save more space. You can also hang bikes or keep them on the ceiling. 

Bottom Line 

The above quick garage organizing tips will help keep your garage tidy and more organized. If you want to maximize your space, whether it be your garage or any other small or large space, and make it easy to access, consider using the above tips.