You may not be using your oven every day, but you sure need it in a working condition all the time. You never know when the cookie or bread bug will bite you next. Go without it for a week, and you will feel like you have missed it for a year. Your oven will break down once in a while. Some of the problems are solvable at home by you, while others require the attention of the pros. Whatever the problem may be, you should know how to repair oven. 

how to repair oven

How to Repair Oven

To all your oven problems, this post is what you need. It tells you how to know when your oven has issues and how to repair it. You will also know if it is a problem you can handle by yourself or you will need to call in the experts. 

Oven is Not Heating

This is disappointing, but one day you will wake up, and your oven is not heating. A big probability is that it is a problem with the igniter. It could also be a problem with the gas line. It is recommended that you seek an expert’s help. If you are quite a handyman, you should change the igniter and the heating element. 

Interior Light Doesn’t Work

You need the light to see what is going on in your oven. When the light fails, you are left in total darkness. The biggest culprit is the bulb. You need to buy a replacement. Just like you would change any light bulb in your house, it is the same thing with the oven interior bulb. 

Gas Burner is Not Lighting

The burner should light up electrically. You can as well use a matchstick to light it. If that doesn’t work, confirm that it is not a power outage. Anything beyond that will require troubleshooting. Clean the burner and the oven in general. Check if all the connections are in place. 

The Oven Is Incapable of Self-Cleaning

Typically, ovens are supposed to self-clean. As long as you schedule cleaning sessions and start the cycle appropriately, you should not have a problem with it. After trying so many times and the self-cleaning function seem to be failing, you may have to call the repairperson. However, you should clean big spills manually 

The Burner Lights But the Oven Doesn’t Heat to Expected Temperatures

There could be several problems with your oven. Maybe it is the heating element, temperature sensor, or the igniter. You can have the oven checked to determine the exact problem. Once you know the problem, you will need repairs. When it is fixed up, test to see if the temperature gets to the expected levels. 

Oven Door is Not Shutting

Don’t ever try to use an oven whose door is not shutting. You are risking your safety and everyone else nearby. Check the hinges and springs. The problem has to be there. Replace the silicone around the door. The door should shut now. If not, it is a sensor problem, and it should be replaced. 

Bottom Line

It is not rocket science to learn how to repair oven. You can do it and never run into problems with your oven or even your microwave oven and other appliances. In some cases, you may have to call the repair pros when the problem with your oven is bigger than you can handle. 


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