The roof is one of the most important parts of any home, and it does bear the elements of nature throughout its lifespan. Hence, we need to be sure that adequate roofing care is always there in place. Roof caring could be a stressful and difficult job. However, if you have a simple roof maintenance checklist, it will help you to keep a tab on the overall health of the roof and give you insight into the overall future maintenance of the roof. It also could come in handy as a checklist for inspecting your own roof, especially after emergencies and storms. Here we will cover a few tips that could help in forming an overall roof maintenance checklist to help your roof to remain in good condition.

Roof Maintenance Checklist

Roof Maintenance Checklist

When it comes to making a checklist on roof maintenance, it’s important to consider routine care, as well as what to look for after a storm. Below we will cover a few ways to be prepared in all aspects.

Always Maintain Records

This is one of the most important steps as far as roof maintenance is concerned. You must have a comprehensive, robust and up-to-date record regarding the overall health of the roof. This is extremely important because of its long term durability and sustainability. In the absence of maintenance records, you will not be able to have information about roof replacements, the age of the roof and various other information that could come in very handy. It will help you when you are in the job of analyzing the overall health of the roof. If possible, the records should be available from the date of the home was built and should include all restorations, repairs, partial replacements and other such details in chronological order.

Routine Inspections

Regular and routine inspections are another vital part if you are keen on keeping your roof in good condition. The checklist should talk about the number of routine inspections and the findings of such inspections. It is almost similar to visiting your healthcare provider or physician and having a full checkup and examination of your body. From the outside, you might feel that your roof is in good condition, but there could be some initial signs of wear and tear that must be addressed as soon as possible. This can be done if the records of such inspections are available in full and are updated regularly.

Post-Storm Inspections

There is no denying the fact that powerful storms can become the worst enemies for your roofs. Hence, you must have a comprehensive checklist and guide that shows you how to inspect the roof after a storm. The checklist should talk about the inspection of shingles, gutter and downspout inspection, moisture in the insides of your roof and other such important things. This could help diagnose a potentially serious problem well in advance and save big money on major repairs and even partial reinstallations.

Is Your Roof Free Of Debris

Roofs are designed and installed to keep the elements out of bounds of your living room and homes. Hence, your checklist must clearly mention the various possible debris that has to be cleaned on a regular basis.


Roofs suffer wear and tear on a continuous basis, so it’s important to address problem areas as soon as they are noticed. A comprehensive roof maintenance checklist can also keep record of what has been repaired, and how long ago. It’s important to inspect your roof to prevent extensive damage from occurring.


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