The roof is the most important exterior of your house. It protects your home from storms, rain, snow and harsh rays of sun’s UV rays. In return, it just needs some of the basic maintenance procedures. More often than not, people tend to forget to take care of their roof. Even though most of the roofs are made up of asphalt and they can protect you for 15 years, it does need some of basic maintenance to remain sturdy and durable. If you don’t have an idea about how to maintain your roof, then here are some of the best roof maintenance tips that can help you.

Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Maintenance Tips

When it comes to roof maintenance tips, there are five tips to follow. Typically, it’s important to keep your roof clear of debris, and inspect your roof routinely.

Tip #1: Trim off Troublesome Trees

Trees are important and they look great, but you should not overlook the ones with leaning branches that seek the support of your roof. This can potentially damage your roof by puncturing the shingles. So, it is important to trim those trees and the branches that are getting too close to the roof of your house.

Tip #2: Clear the Debris

It is important to clean your roof regularly. You will notice that overtime dust and debris can get accumulated on your roof. It can be leaves, tiny branches of trees and other elements that can potentially clog the gutter system of your house. This can cause the water to backup and create a huge mess.

Tip #3: Built to Breathe

You need to make sure that the roof is built to breathe because without a proper system of ventilation, moisture and heat can cause the rafting and sheathing to rot. It can weaken your entire roofing system. Hence you need to make sure that there is proper ventilation.

Tip #4: Protect Against Streaking

You must pay close attention your roof color. Due to longer exposure to humidity and moisture, some parts of the roof, especially the northern part, will become streaked with fungus, algae and mold. So, you need to check them regularly and clean them. These can deteriorate the materials in your roof causing damages.

Tip #5: Check for the Signs of Damages

Being exposed to rain, storm, snow, sun and other elements every day, the shingles can be damaged. You need to look for the wear and tear (if any) and get it repaired immediately. Water can seep through the damage and rot your entire roofing system.


Home owners must look for the roof and examine the shingles regularly. It is important to maintain the roof to ensure that it is perfectly in right condition. Your roof is important as it protects us from rain, storm, sun, snow, dirt and dusts, but the roof can wear away due to excessive exposure to these elements. If not maintained properly, your roof can be damaged. To avoid such expenses in the future, you need to work on your maintenance. Follow these roof maintenance tips to avoid such a huge expense on roof.


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