Cooling bills during the summer can make even the most financial savvy sweat. While the alternative, turning your air conditioner completely off, isn’t a viable option, there are some habits and tips you can incorporate to make your home more energy efficient.

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Bill

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Bill

1. Regulate Your AC

Instead of lowering your AC, you can turn it as high as will be comfortable, then set your programmable thermostat to further increase the temperature either while you’re out or asleep. This means instead of turning your thermostat to 72F, you can keep it at 78F. According to the Department of Energy, you’ll save more energy if the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature is small. While you’re asleep, your thermostat can increase the temperature to 80F. The idea is to reduce over cooling your home, so you don’t expend too much energy.

2. Regular Maintenance of Your Cooling Units

Your air conditioner will constantly use up more energy to cool up your home, regardless of the energy saving tactics you employ, if the filters are clogged with dust. HVAC specialists Cooler Air Today says maintaining or replacing your filters monthly can save between 5% and 15% of your energy usually since your air conditioner won’t have to work extra hard to pass through dust. Check the condenser and evaporator coils (usually placed outdoors) to ensure debris, like leafs, aren’t stuck.

3. Keep Your Blinds, Shades & Curtains Closed

Nothing heats up a room like sun rays streaming into your home. So keep the windows covered during the day. Try to use bright-colored window shades, because dark colors tend to attract even more heat.

4. Install a Ceiling Fan

Even though a ceiling fan won’t cool your room, the wind-chill effect can make you feel a lot more comfortable. If you have a ceiling fan and an AC in your home, the fan makes it easier to turn up the AC several degrees higher, allowing the homeowner to save money instead of having to lower your AC.

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Bill

5. Plant Trees

Sure growing trees is a solution that will take some time, but the idea is that if the trees are big enough, they’ll provide enough shade from the sun’s harsh rays. The tree will prevent your roof and windows from overheating, therefore you won’t need to keep your AC turned on as much.

6. Stop Activities That Raise the Temperature Indoors

There’s a reason everyone recognizes summer as grill season. Instead of using a stove, or other heat generating equipments that raise your indoor temperature, try their alternatives. For example, instead of using a dishwasher, you can handwash your dirty dishes. If you just have to use any heat generating item, just wait till night, when the temperature would have dropped, and you won’t need to turn on your cooling system.

Hopefully, with the tips above, you now know how to save money on air conditioning bill. These six suggestions are sure to lower your monthly payments, so you can finally plan that trip you’ve always wanted to go on.

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