How difficult is it to install an automated garage door? Fixing an automated garage door isn’t as easy as installing a regular garage door. It can be both challenging and dangerous. People choose an automatic garage door rather than the manual one for because of convenience; you can easily open and close the door with the touch of a button, rather than having to do it manually. Before you begin your installation, ensure you read the instruction manual carefully.

Automated Garage Doors

Automated Garage Doors

Things to know before getting an automated garage door: If you’re looking for a quality automated garage door, here are some things you need to know:

#1 Description of the Door:

  • The heavy lifting is done by the torsion spring, not the operator. The major difference between the doors made today is their insulation – having tightly sealed parameters, with considerable resistance to air infiltration and heat flow.

#2 The Operator:

  • The motor and gears: This is a machine hooked to an outlet that prevents the garage door from crashing to the garage floor as it closes.
  • Drive guide: It is responsible for guiding the shielding the chain, belt and screw as the door moves to open and close. It serves as a link between the operator and the trolley.
  • Height: The settings from the manufacturer will determine how far the door will travel. Height adjustment is necessary if the door is not closing or opening totally. The door can also be adjusted so as it stops moving when grabbed.
  • Inverter and battery: Most garage door operators use DC power in order to allow smaller and more efficient motors. An inverter is used to change the AC current of the household to DC, which is used to charge the battery that kicks in when power goes off.

#3 Handling Hackers:

  • In the past, hackers have tried to break into garages by getting access to code transmission between a remote and a garage door by using radio scanners. But with time, door manufacturers developed rolling codes with billions of combinations, making it impossible for a code to be used again.

#4 Drive Mechanisms:

  • The screw: This shaft connects the trolley to the operator, with its arm getting to the door. It needs to be lubricated yearly with silicone, and can cause more wear to the trolley compared to the other options.
  • The chain: This is the oldest and cheapest technology sitting slightly slack when you open the door. The chain makes a sound when you open the door.
  • The belt: It rotates on a gear on the top of the operator to pull the trolley and make the door open.

Steps to install an automated garage door:

  • Fix the track to the drive unit containing the motor.
  • Connect the remaining track sections together.
  • Fix a mounting bracket to the end of the track.
  • Connect the mounting bracket to the door openings beam.
  • Connect the motor to the beam.
  • Connect the motor to the switch on the wall.
  • Haven infrared sensors installed to determine if something is on the way when closing the door.
  • Attach the door to the opener.

Installing a door might seem easy, but there are several smaller steps in-between especially in regards to automated garage doors.

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