Organizing a garage can be very daunting task — especially if yours is filled with clutter. That’s why we’ve come up with eleven different tool storage and garage shop ideas to help you organize your garage and make the most out of your space. By adding something as simple as a rolling cart or installing a pegboard for your tools can create the illusion of a brand new garage.

Tool Storage and Garage Shop Ides

Storage and Garage Shop Ideas

1. Docking Station

You can use a compact docking station to keep your batteries charged as well as to store drills. You can keep a power strip on the top get enough outlets for the chargers. You will need an optional drawer for storing other accessories and drill bits.

2. Rolling Cart

You can get a compressor and pneumatic tool storage to store all the related tools.  It will ensure easy storage. In addition, you can easily roll it out to the vehicle for filling the air in the tires.

3. Pegboard Tool Cabinet

A tool cabinet with pegboard is the best to hang your tools to ensure easy accessibility. You can also customize and make this cabinet be an accent piece for your garage by choosing nice doors.

4. Wood Crates

You can use affordable wood crates to build custom cubbies that can store many hand and small tools. These wood crates will have casters on the bottoms to make the crate easy to store and access.

5. Flip Top Storage

If you have many larger power tools, you should use flip top storage. This storage is considered best for heavy, lug around, put away, and hard to get out tools. The usage is easy. Once you are done with one tool, you can simply flip the top over to use other tools.

6. Compact Pegboard Rack

You can use a compact pegboard rack to organize your tools.  This pull out organizer is cool and convenient to use, and will help maximize small spaces in your garage.

7. French Cleat System

A French cleat system is excellent for organizing your garage tools. You can use this system to store your blades, accessories, and sandpaper. In fact, you can easily customize this device for the tool organization cubbies.

8. Nails

This is the easiest process to use, since you more than likely have more than enough nails lying around in your toolbox.  You can use nails and holes in studs mounted in your wall to easily organize your tools.

9. Tool Carousel

This brilliant idea will enable you to store your tools in a limited space. The hand tool carousel is best since each panel flips and the carousel rotates to ensure easy accessibility.

10. Custom Caddy

This organizer is designed to offer a perfect place for your tools.  A custom caddy comes with an impressive look to boost the appearance of your garage.

11. DIY Tool Chest

You can also consider a DIY Tool Chest. This custom tool organizer can help to manage many of your tools in the manner that you want.

Next Steps

Decluttering and organizing your garage can seem intimidating; but it doesn’t have to be. By using some of these tool storage and garage shop ideas, you’ll be able to make your garage seem like as if it is brand new. You’ll simply just have to make your own DIY tool chest or create a compact pegboard rack to make a major difference in your garage.


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