What are the types of wheelbarrows based on their handles? Well, we all know that a wheelbarrow is a must-have equipment for your gardening work because using your hands is tiresome and cumbersome. It’s an effective way to transport your mulch, soil, weeds and other things. While using a wheelbarrow, there are factors you should consider, and one of them is the handle. It is the handle that determines how comfortable you will be when transporting your items.
We’ll illustrate various types of wheelbarrows using their handles.

Wheelbarrow handle material

Metal handles
Metal handles are extremely secure, and they let you use the wheelbarrow without worrying about the load’s safety. The most exciting thing about these handles is that they don’t break, bend or splinter. Again, these handles are durable and can stay for long without being damaged. This means that you will not incur more expenses to repair or replace the old handles. When hot, these handles are very hot, but with gloves, you can comfortably use it.

Wooden handles
Wooden handles are excellent because when it is hot, they will not get hot just like metal handles. They will always remain cool. Despite being a non-conductor source of heat, they tend to become rough sometimes and cause splinters. Honestly, splinters are very painful, and they’ll limit you from accessing the wheelbarrow even when they have been removed because they damage hands. Wooden handles will not overheat but when you leave the wheelbarrow on rains, the handles will be unpleasant, and the wood will rot. The fact that the wood can rot, this reduces the lifespan of your wheelbarrow.types-of-wheelbarrow-handles

Plastic handles
Mostly, plastic handles are found on plastic wheelbarrows that possess one ergonomic handle. They offer an elegant look as the handles match the design and the color of the wheelbarrow. However, the beautiful look can easily fade if the wheelbarrow is left in the sun. Another downfall of these handles is that they can easily crack. Not only cracking, but the handles can also shutter when cold temperatures prevail. Consequently, the wheelbarrow becomes tricky when you are carrying a heavy load in the cold temperature. Cracking of these handles means that you must replace another wheelbarrow since only the handles can’t be replaced.

Wheelbarrow handle types

Non-slip handles
While metal handles are durable and reliable to use on your wheelbarrow, you may find them uncomfortable. Any wheelbarrow with this kind of handle will be comfortable and easy to control. If you usually wet while working, this is the best handles you should look for. It will ensure that you don’t accidentally drop the wheelbarrow in case you slip away.

Ergonomic handles
These are closed handles or a bar that makes it easier to transport items. For this matter, the teens and elderly can use the wheelbarrow effortlessly. They are ideal for those people who lack enough hand strength.types-of-handles-for-wheelbarrows

Traditional handles
These are handles which face the user straight. These wheelbarrows are easy to use. This is your wheelbarrow if you value maneuverability as the handled provide easy tilting, flipping, dumping and turning. However, to use this wheelbarrow, you should be stronger.

Number of handles

Single handle
Some of them have a single handle that can be attached to or pulled by a tractor.

Double handle
Most of the wheelbarrows range here. A user will use his two hands to transport materials.

Bottom line
The types of wheelbarrows will determine the comfortability and ease of transporting goods. They can be made of metal or wood. Many people will prefer wood handles because it is light and more comfortable. Metal handles are stronger and more durable. Choose the best that suits you.


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