With summer almost here, it is quite natural that most homes would be switching on their air conditioners. While these machines help in keeping your home and room cool, they do come with a cost attached to it. Hence, it is quite common for many users to wonder how to use air conditioner economically. This is because as the mercury rises, so do the electricity bills. In many homes, it goes through the roof and it creates a big problem as far as their household budgets are concerned. Hence, this article will go over the ways and means by which one can reduce the cost of electricity bills incurred on air conditioners.

How to Use Air Conditioner Economically

How to Use Air Conditioner Economically

Make Use Of Circulating or Ceiling Fan

Make use of your fan more often. It could be a ceiling fan or a circulating fan. It will certainly make you feel five or six degrees cooler because of the wind-chill effect. You could also turn on the fan when your air conditioner is running to make your home feel even cooler. This will certainly mean that you will run the air conditioner for a shorter period of time. When you use an air conditioner and a ceiling fan simultaneously, you will be able to ensure that you will bring down the temperature of the room quite significantly.  

Find Ways to Run the AC More Economically

Setting the AC temperature as high as possible (as you can bear, of course) with the help of a programmable thermostat could increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. It also could bring down your summer cooling expenses by as much as 10%. When the difference between the outdoor temperature and indoor temperature is smaller, you will not be burning big holes in your pocket. If you don’t mind some heat, it would always be better to set the temperature to 21-degree centigrade instead of 18 or 17-degree centigrade. It could be slightly warm, but you will save quite a bit on your electricity bills.

Maintain Your Cooling Systems Well

It does not make much sense to just install an energy-efficient air conditioner. You have to ensure that proper care is taken of the equipment. For example, dirty air filters make the unit work harder when cooling your home. Simple things like the replacing and cleaning of dirty filters could help in increasing efficiency of your air conditioners and get them to work better as well and also reduce costs by 10 to 15%. Those who have centralized air conditioning units must ensure that the floor registers are clean are not blocked with dust and dirt.

Prevent Heat Buildup During the Day

During the summer, there are many homes where the heat builds up during the day. The outdoor temperature exceeds the indoor temperature and in such situations, it would be advisable to prevent certain things that could generate quite a bit of heat. You could avoid cooking on the stovetop and stop using your clothes dryer or dishwasher. You can use these devices when the temperature is cooler, perhaps during the early morning or late in the night.


Don’t know how to use air conditioner economically? In a world where the cost of energy is moving northwards quite dramatically, these suggestions can be quite useful if you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to electricity expenses. These tips also increase the lifespan of the air conditioning machines by a few years.


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