Gutter is definitely one of the main requirements for some homes. But not all homes need a gutter system. If your house is located in a region with arid climate or the areas that are not subjected to heavy rainfall, then you will not need a gutter system. The houses that are located in heavy rainfall area or stormy area need a good gutter system. But many may think or ask – what do gutters do? A good system helps in collecting the storm water that actually lands on your roof. This will help you to direct those collected water away from the house. This is essential because of many reasons. Read on to know more about this.

What Do Gutters Do

What Do Gutters Do

Why do you need gutter system?

Rainy regions need a properly functioning gutter system. The collected water will try to find its way into the foundation of your house or other parts of your house structure. This can cause severe water or moisture damage in your house. If there is excess water in the roof and it is not properly soaked through the drainage system, then it can get absorbed into the roof causing huge water damage. So, it is very important to ensure that you have properly functional gutter system.

Components of Gutter System

There are 4 basic components of the gutter system. These are:

  1. The roof: With a properly designed roof you can successfully drain all the storm water into the roof drains or gutters.
  2. The gutter: This is the most important part of the gutter system that needs to be designed for capturing all the roof drainage. This will direct the water into the downspouts.
  3. The downspouts: Another important part of the gutter system is the pipe. You need the pipes for carrying away the water from the gutters to your drainage system.
  4. The drain system: This is the in-ground set of pipes that will take all the water away from your house structure. All this water will be drained to storm drain or site system.

Maintenance of the Gutter System

Definitely, like every other parts of your house, even the gutter system needs some amount of maintenance. Without proper planning it is impossible to handle. So, you need a set of plan for reducing the damage to the minimum. Follow these tips to maintain the gutter system:

  1. Do not let the tree limbs to overhang from your roof.
  2. Clean the debris and dirt on the roof with a soft broom.
  3. Keep the gutters clean always.
  4. If any repairing is needed, do it fast.


So, if you are thinking what do gutters do, then you must have got the answer by now. It can help you in reducing the moisture damages or the water damages that can happen to your house. Water can seep into the structure of your house causing a lot of problems. To eliminate those issues and problems, it is important to have a fully functional and well-maintained gutter system. This investment can actually save a few thousand dollars in future.


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