Often times the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for commercial buildings takes the first slot when it comes to energy expenses. This is attributed to several factors; key among them the geographic location of the building. For instance, commercial buildings situated to the north or south have been found to experience high heating expenses. Also, those in the tropics may need air conditioning year in year out. So the question is, what are the types of air conditioning systems for commercial buildings? 

Air Conditioning Systems For Commercial Buildings – What are the different types of commercial HVAC systems?

There is a wide range of air conditioning systems for commercial buildings. The choice of each system depends on several factors including the cost and size of the building. Here are three of the best air conditioning systems that you will find appropriate for any commercial building: Single split system Multi-split air system VRV/VRF system The three options use similar basic technology as well as identical ceiling or wall-mounted indoor units. But they come with different applications which you need to find out to know the best option for your needs.

Air Conditioning Systems For Commercial Buildings
Air Conditioning Systems For Commercial Buildings

Which you decide to go for, remember that preventive AC maintenance is key to a well working unit. 

Single Split System

Single split systems are the most affordable and readily available air conditioning systems that you can rely on. This option is suitable for small commercial buildings such as small offices, cafes, shops, and server rooms. They are designed for cooling and heating individual rooms throughout the year. Also, the system can be used in a combination to cool or heat larger spaces and several rooms. And one negative side of this commercial air conditioning system is the need for external space to install the outdoor unit for each indoor unit. Otherwise, the whole system is cheaper and self-contained. This means that when one unit stops working, the other will remain functional. Most significantly, they are effective, versatile and energy-efficient systems. 

Multi-Split Air System

Multi-split air system works in the same way as the single split only that you can connect it to several indoor units depending on the model. This air conditioning system is a perfect choice for places such as offices, restaurants, shops and doctor’s surgeries among others. One distinctive feature that sets multi-split air systems above several single splits is their ability to connect them to fewer outdoor units while serving multiple rooms indoors. You can only use a single indoor unit to serve you better and in full capacity. Also, you may have a combination of ceiling and wall mounted units together with an air-curtain-over the entrance depending on your preference or needs. Compared to the single split system, it’s obvious that the multi-split air system is expensive. 

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRV) or Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRF) Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Systems For Commercial Buildings
Air Conditioning Systems For Commercial Buildings

Even though this system uses two different names, you shouldn’t get confused all along because they are one and the same thing. This air conditioning system is the ultimate solution for all medium and large applications like retail spaces, hotels, mixed-use buildings, and larger offices. The whole system is efficient, easy to control and reliable. In fact, it is capable of serving larger buildings by providing adequate cooling and heating conditions when needed. VRV/VRF comes in two types which include the heat recovery and heat pump. Each type has its own unique way of operation making them the best choice for larger commercial buildings. This air conditioning system is the most efficient, more flexible and versatile.

Final Thought

There are many benefits to having AC if you choose the right one. Air conditioning systems for commercial buildings are designed to serve large spaces ranging from small shops to servers rooms and larger offices to restaurants among others. These systems come in different types but the most popular ones on the market today are the single split, multi-split, and VRV/VRF air conditioning. Whichever choice you go for, make sure that it will serve you better.