Can termites spread through clothes? Yes, they can, although the chances of that are quite low. Clothes usually have cellulose in their composition which is appealing to termites although it’s just as inviting to other insects as well. Termites are often mistaken for ants due to the similarities in appearance, and they can pass from one cloth to another and even find cozy accommodations in travel and gym bags alike. 

Can Termites Spread Through Clothes?

So, can termites spread through clothes? They can, but it is very unlikely that they do. 

More About Termites

Termites are no friends around the household because they cause significant structural damage to your home. Subterranean varieties are primarily to blame for this, thanks to their preference for underground passages and penchant for construction material, most notably wood. As that tag would suggest, these termites never wander too far from the soil and can get into your home, through wall crevices and points where wood and earth interact around the house. Consequently, these types of termites rarely find their way to clothes as they prefer the ground save only for when swarming in search of new territories.

Can Termites Spread Through Luggage?

The most common luggage culprit is the dry wood termite whose name is pretty self-explanatory, implying that they don’t fancy living underground hence are commonplace on clothes in comparison to subterranean species. Their primary delicacy of choice is wood, but they will make do with a bag full of cellulose-accented clothes, which is why they also spread through luggage. However, the chances of that happening are minimal unless you are in possession of some wooden material as well. The most common means of transference is through infected furniture with the Formosan variety, primarily known for this tactic. 

How Termites Sneak Into Your Home

Wood is a termite weak spot even for a third-floor apartment, and aging, weather-beaten, or cracked wood proves an easy-to-break gateway. Alternatively, in a bungalow kind of setting, subterranean species can infiltrate a home from the ground up using mud tunnels to exploit any vulnerabilities in the foundation. These kinds of termites can also get in via wooden door frames touching the ground. This is why it’s important to know how to effectively keep bugs away outside and to know the causes of why these bugs are entering your home.

Red Flags That You May Have a Termite Infestation on Your Hands

If you’ve established that your clothes have termites, it’s highly likely the infestation has seeped through to your home as well and is eating away at it as we speak. To know for sure if that is the case, watch out for the following:

• Discarded wings are the number one sign that termites are sharing occupancy with you. These wings pop up around doors and window sills though they can appear pretty much anywhere else around the house.

• Also, look out for elevated mud-tunnels around your house, which are frequent around tree trunks and the porch and even around the foundation of the building as well.

• Holes underneath the eaves of roofs and in the wood in other areas are a dead giveaway too.

• Fecal pellets are also one of the tell-tales and are identifiable by their miniature bolt-like shape and brown hue. 

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So can termites spread through clothes? There’s proof they can and that they not only stop there but also can go on to take over your home or apartment. Therefore, if you spot any signs alluding to their presence, have an exterminator take a look as soon as possible to prevent pests