As much as the interior of your house matters, the exterior of the house matters too. The exterior of the house consists of patio, driveways and walkways. Of course, you need to make sure that they look pretty amazing as this can enhance the curb appeal of the house and the first impression always comes by the exterior of the house. If you want to renovate the patio, driveways and walkways, then you can consider installing concrete pavers. It comes with amazing benefits. But do concrete pavers fade over time?

Do Concrete Pavers Fade Over Time?
Do Concrete Pavers Fade Over Time?

Do Concrete Pavers Fade Over Time?

Well, there are mainly two types of pavers – concrete and brick. Being the most common, concrete pavers are used widely in different parts of the US for driveways, patios, and even for paver steps. As it has some great benefits, it is also considered as the best. Read on to know more about its advantages and drawbacks.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are mainly made up of cement and then they are molded into forms. These are compressed and air cured. These concrete pavers are found in different types of sizes and shapes. They are highly pigmented in nature and are available in different colors. Some of the best advantages of the concrete pavers are:

  1. More choices available: You will get more choices when it comes to designs and colors than that of the brick pavers. If you are imagining a color, you can get that in the concrete pavers. 
  2. Less expensive: Another great benefit of the concrete pavers is that they are affordable and also less expensive than that of the brick pavers. This is because of the low cost of the raw materials.
  3. Innovations: When it comes to concrete pavers, you can expect new and better innovations all the time. Innovative designs are launched so that you can choose the one you want for your house. 
  4. Easier to install: When it comes to the concrete pavers, it is quite easy to install. They are precisely uniform in nature and also easier to cut. Hence, this is a popular choice to consider for DIY projects. You can even learn how to lay pavers on dirt instead of having to take any additional steps.

If we talk about the drawbacks, then the most important one is that the colors can fade away. Since the color is dyed over the concrete pavers and it is not their natural color, the colors can fade away over time. This can happen especially in the sunny areas. But the bricks are naturally colored and hence the color remains intact in them. But if you use color sealant over the concrete pavers for sealing them, then it can successfully seal the color and make them last longer.


So, if your main question is – do concrete pavers fade over time? Well, the answer is yes, as mentioned above. But you can definitely make sure that the color is lasting for a longer time if you are using a good quality sealant to seal the concrete pavers. This will help you to keep the colors intact. But you have to make sure that you are refilling the sealant to keep the color new forever. Once you have installed your pavers, you can then look into different ways of maintaining them such as how to kill weeds in between them, how to fix loose pavers and more.