Do you want to know how to make steps out of pavers? Are you looking for some easy and proven ways to get a fast solution? Paving stones can offer great support to many of your outdoor installations including retaining walls, walkways, and decks. Pavers can be effective to withstand normal wear and tear that your outdoor steps experience after a period of time. You can choose different materials, designs, and shapes for pavers. However, you will have to ensure that these are made to offer the required support to your foundation. Otherwise, they might not serve the purpose.

How to Make Steps Out of Pavers

You will find many ways to make steps out of payers. Some intelligent planning is required to get the best outcome. If you are totally inexperienced, you can consider the following step by step instructions. Follow every step to avoid any hassle and to complete your project without much stress.

Step 1

How to Make Steps Out of Pavers
How to Make Steps Out of Pavers

Dig around eight inches deep on the area where you have installed the first step. When laying pavers in dirt, you’re going to want to compact the dirt. While doing so, remember that the width of that compacted area might vary depending on the intended step size. Use a plate compactor to compact the subsoil. You can also use a hand tamper for the same purpose. Both these will help you to form a flat support surface. When considering your paver thickness, it matters what you have below the pavers.

Step 2

Get landscape fabric and use it to cover that dug area. This is required to support the drainage of rainwater under the step. Use crushed stone aggregate and make an inch layer to cover that landscape fabric. Compact the layer well to make a flat and subtle surface that you are going to use to install the step.

Step 3

You’ll need to obtain portland cement. Take one part of the portland cement and two parts of dampened sand. Mix these two ingredients well to make a thick paste. Trowel this paste with a ¼-inch layer on that base material top to make a flat surface to install pavers.

Step 4

Apply the first layer onto the cement or sand mixture directly. Check the layer after laying every stone to make sure that it fits flat against the surface and each other. If you don’t do this, you may need to fix sunken pavers later on.

Step 5

Check your first paver and cut one inch in the second level of your pavers to get staggered joints between laid stones. It will offer good structural support to the steps. You will have to use either mallet or chisel or diamond-blade wet saw depending on the stone type for cutting. Keep making stagger joints until you reach the desired height for the step.

Step 6

Take sand and spread a layer on the paver step to and then sweep them into those joints between your pavers to get better structural support. You need to settle the sand and make an even surface in the end.


Now you know how to make steps out of pavers. Paver steps are a great way to upgrade your outdoor space. Follow each and every step and make sure that you are using the right material in the right quantity to get a lasting result and good support.