Garage is always an integral part of your house. It offers security and safety to your expensive cars. Of course, you rely on your garage door to perform smoothly and normally every time. The mechanics behind this technology of how garage door works is quite easy and simple. You do not need expertise in mechanics or in-depth knowledge about the same to understand its functionality. The garage door may work in different ways.

How Garage Door Works 

If you are interested to know about how these types of garage doors actually work, then you are the right place. Here we will discuss about the two most important garage door systems i.e. extension spring system and torsion spring system. The garage doors mainly operate by a counterbalance system that uses the force. Read on to know more about the systems.

Extension Spring System

The extension spring system of the garage door uses the springs that are mainly attached to the cables. They are in turn attached to the door’s bottom corner. When you try to close the door, the springs get stretched and the door slowly opened. In this case, the energy that is stored in the extended springs help in lifting the door. Though this system will not last forever, this can help the door to travel up and down quite a number of times. Eventually, the steel of the springs will start weakening and it will face tears and wears. You have to replace the springs to make sure the door is working properly.

Torsion Spring System

This is the most common type of garage door system that you will find. The torsion spring system is quite popular and it follows a simple mechanism. The torsion springs are used in the garage doors which are mainly mounted horizontally above the garage door opening. When the door starts to open, the springs will unwind. That energy will help to lift up the garage door successfully. When the door is cycled up or down, the steel in those springs tends to get weak. Over time, it can no longer lift the door. Hence it is important to call a professional and fix the spring as soon as possible.

Calling a Professional

Garage door having an issue can be quite a stressful thing. If your garage door is not working properly, then you have zero security and safety for the cars in the garage. Hence in case you determine any problems with the garage door such as loud banging noise or problem in operation, make sure to call a professional immediately. It is important to choose a professional garage door technician who will be available 24/7 for you regardless of whether it is a mechanical issue, if your garage door pulley broke or if your garage door is dented

Final Words

So, this is all about how garage door works. In case you need an experienced professional to deal with your garage door repair and replacement, then you need to look for the once with great expertise. The garage door, though works in simple mechanism, can be quite tough to repair or replace.