There is no doubt that the garage doors are quite heavy in nature and it is one of the largest moving parts I your house. If you have kids or pets at home, then this can be a serious concern. The garage door is built for keeping your property and possessions safe. But the garage doors weight is one of the main concerns for many household owners. So, how to take this headache away?

Garage Doors Weight 

If you are looking for some of the best ways to deal with the weight of the garage door, then you are at the right place. We are here to explain to you all the details that you need to know or notice. Read on to know more about the weight of the garage door.

The Material Doesn’t Matter

Regardless of what material the garage door is made up of or the height of it, the size or thickness of the garage door makes it quite heavy that your house doors or windows. Insulating your garage can also add to the weight. A single garage door will weigh at least 130 pounds and it can become more than 350 pounds or even more if it is a double door with the windows. Contemporary doors which are made up of glass and consist of double door can weigh about 400 pounds. You need counterweight systems for raising or lowering the doors manually. These systems are made up of extension springs or torsion. 

Life Expectancy

With repeated usage over time, the springs tend to lose its strength as well as its effectiveness. Most of the garage door manufacturers will recommend you to change the spring system after every 10,000 opening and closing cycle. If you have a single car garage, you will use it more or less 3 times per day. These life expectancy is about 7 years. But in case of doubt garage door and you are using it regularly for two cars, then the life expectancy will be about 5 years. 

Have an Electric Opener

It is not possible to manually open or close the garage door every time you need it. There are times when you will feel the need of support. So, it is better to give support by the electric opener. The spring system will help the door to open or close no matter what the spring winding direction is automatically whenever you press the button. But it is important to check the spring system at least twice every year. You have to pull the emergency cord and in case there is any issue. Make sure to call an experienced professional whenever you need to get your garage door fixed.

In Conclusion

To make sure that garage doors weight is not causing any harm or damage to your property, it is highly recommended to have maintenance done regardless of the type of garage door you own. You can call for a mechanic to repair your garage door or for a normal maintenance ever 12 to 18 months. You have to call a garage expert who is well-accustomed with all types of garage doors and can help you to find the perfect solution for your garage door problems. Check for the background before you finally confirm.