If you have a garage, you know how overwhelming it is to look for a tool through a mess of things. Once you put into practice the right garage tool organization ideas, finding your items will be very easy. One of the top rules of garage organization is returning each piece to its place once you are done using it.

Garage Tool Organization Ideas

Read on to learn how to put everything in good order in your garage through these organization tips. You will learn handy tips that will not only bring some organization but also create more space. Luckily, all these are things you can do by yourself.

Vertical Storage for Bikes

Making use of the vertical space will create more space in your garage. Build racks that can hold up bikes and any other bulky items you keep in the garage. Your kids can easily put their bikes on the rack after riding. 

Wire Racks for Fishing Poles

Fishing poles can cause a storage mess in your garage. They are long and awkward to store in regular spaces. Create wire racks and fix them onto the ceiling. Line up your rods in those racks, and you will have one mess out of your way.

Install Lockers

Sometimes you may forget to lock your garage door. Kids can gain access, and you never know what they can do. Install one or two lockers where you can keep chemicals and any other dangerous stuff. Make sure all those items are locked in there before you leave the garage. 

Shelves to Take Care of Bins

You are likely to have cartons and bins in your garage. As much as they help with organization, they can give you a storage nightmare. Shelves are going to solve this problem in the blink of an eye. You need vertical and horizontal wood beams to get started. Create enough space for all your bins and containers. The fewer things you have on the floor, the best for your garage space organization. 

Slat Walls for Almost Everything

Having open space in your garage makes it easy to move around and find what you need. Slat walls are organizing champs. They take up some big and small items. You can keep pipes, shovels, tins, and most other things on the wall. You will have a beautiful working space if you go with this idea. This idea is also useful for single garage door sizes as this will help free up space.

A Rack for Your Tools

The tools you use frequently should be easy to access. Constructing a tool rack is a great idea for tool storage. You will have all put into one space. It will be easy to find what you need. When you pick a tool, make sure you return it where it belongs. 

Tins to Take Care of Leftover Paint

Leftover paint can be a menace if it is left to scatter on the floor. Find appropriate glass bottles and put your remaining paint in them. Find a spot on shelves to keep them. 

Bottom Line 

As long as you use these garage tool organization ideas, your workspace is going to be beautiful. Keep everything to its spot, and you will never deal with an organization nightmare in your garage. If you need help, you can also reach out to professionals for help.


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