Many of us laze around and sit in front of the television during weekends. Would it not be better to look for some weekend home improvement projects instead? Getting involved in such weekend home improvement projects will be a good way to spend the weekend constructively and also add value to the home.

Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Here are a few easily doable home improvement projects that will make your home look up to date and well maintained. It also could help you to exercise your mind and body instead of just spending time practically doing nothing. 

Painting Old Hardware

This is perhaps one of the cheapest, fastest and simplest ways to give uplift to the looks of your home. Old homes usually have fixtures and hardware that are gold-colored compared to new homes which use nickel and bronze colored hardware. Painting them will be a good way to keep you engaged productively during the weekend. 

Framing Bathroom Mirrors

Many homes have rectangular and basic mirrors. They are affixed to the wall with glue and screws. Instead of removing these mirrors with new ones, it would be a better idea to frame the rectangle mirror. This is inexpensive and will make your bathroom more contemporary and modern. You can even switch up the flooring in the bathroom to make it more modern. 

Create Entryway Mudroom

There is a big craze for mud rooms. If you are not planning for some major renovations it would be a good idea to create a functional mudroom. This could be built in your entryway. All you need is some paint, molding and hooks on an empty wall. You could choose the right paint colors and create magic out of it. 

Make Improvements To Your Laundry Room

Many of us often tend to overlook our laundry rooms. Laundering takes time and therefore it would be a good idea to have a room that is warm and welcoming. You could think of many ideas to improve your laundry room and have wood shelving in place of wire shelving or you could think of adding a folding table to save space. You can even switch up the flooring to give the room a new life. 

Interior Door Updating 

Homes that were bought in the 1990s might have hollow-core doors that are flat and plain. Replacing every interior door could be expensive but you could make them look good by intelligent use of trim and paint to create beautiful looking illusions. You can even repaint your kitchen cabinet colors

Improve Your Closet

Renovating closets is another good trend. You could take cues from celebrity closets and change simple closets into something more relaxing and gorgeous. It is just about reorganizing and using a few tricks and this will bring about amazing changes to your closet. Adding wallpaper or paint and new lighting could do the trick. 

Convert A Full-Length Mirror

Almost all homes have a low-cost full-length mirror. They are good functionally but not very attractive. Hence, they are often pushed to the closet doors. When you plan a makeover to your closet, you also must keep in mind the full length mirror. Instead of spending a few hundred dollars on full-length and decorative mirrors, you could use this DIY project. You will save money and also give your mirror a new and attractive look. 

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the weekend home improvement projects. If you look around your home or take inputs from the internet and other sources, you will be able to come across many such projects. It will certainly help you to also spend your weekend productively and your family could also be a part of it. 


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