There are numerous tiny invaders such as pests in every home. They can be hidden in the cupboard, counters, carpets and even in the air. Many may prefer spraying pesticides to the pests, but this method can cause more harm to you than the pests. The chemical compounds in the pesticides can be quite harmful for your health as well as for the environment. So, you should look into some non-toxic household pest control methods that can help you to get rid of the pest problems without having to compromise your health. 

Household Pest Control Methods 

Some household pest control methods include making your own DIY ant bait, trying mint tea or cucumbers, tannic acid, boric acid and more. 

#1: DIY Ant Bait

Mix one liter of water with one cup of sugar and one teaspoon of Borax. Then soak a cotton ball in the solution and place them in one small yogurt container. Punch a hole in its lid so that the ant can easily access it. When the ant will carry the bait to their colonies, it can effectively kill the entire colony. Keep this away from the children and pets.

#2: Mint Tea or Cucumbers

Another great method by which you can deter the ants from your house is by leaving a few mint tea bags where you see most of the activities of ants. Dry and crushed mint leaves or cloves can work as an excellent way to deter the ants. Also, the cucumbers act as a natural way to keep ants away. Bitter cucumbers work best in this case. You can also look into different plants that keep certain pests away. 

#3: Tannic Acid

The dust mites can be everywhere. You need to take proper action in order to neutralize the allergens in the dust mites. Tannic acid powder can be available at any health food stores or even at pet centers. You can grab some for you to spray on the places where dust mites have infested.

#4: Boric Acid

Boric acid is highly effective on the cockroaches. The roaches can be a disturbing creature that not only creates a nuisance, but can also spread many diseases. You need to take immediate action to keep them away from you house. Putting some boric acid on the top of the kitchen cabinets or in the space between the cabinets and ceiling can keep the roaches away.

#5: Non-Toxic Repellents

There are many DEET-free repellents available in the shops that you can use for natural repel the pests and mosquitoes from your home. Using these repellants can be safe for your health too.


So, these are some of the household pest control methods that are completely non-toxic in nature. You need to make sure that you are taking all these steps to keep the pests away from your house and even in your garden. The pests are not only a nuisance for the house but can also be bad for the health. Make sure to remove the water stored in anything around your house. Vacuum the carpet daily and bathe your pets with shampoo regularly. All these will keep the dust mites, termites, fleas, scorpions, mosquitoes and roaches away from your house.