Bed bug infestation has been rapid for the past decade according to data from pest control companies. Therefore, the demand for bed bug control services has been increasing over the years. One bed bug can lay up to 12 eggs in a day, so it is only a matter of a short time to have a full-scale infestation after you see the first bug in your home. Heat can be an effective way to deal with the problem, but you need to know how to prepare for bed bug heat treatment. 

How to Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment
How to Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

How to Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

If you have bed bugs, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. This is the right place for you. This post will help you prepare for heat treatment for bed bug removal. It will also share what you should do after the procedure. 

Getting for bed bug heat treatment.

  • Get a pair of dry change clothes

You do not want to be stranded on what to wear after the treatment. Prepare two pairs of change clothes before you do anything else. 

  • Don’t move things around

Leave everything where it is. You do not want to disturb the bed bugs when you are about to deal with them. You should use surprise to your advantage. 

  • Vacuum your house

You should get rid of dust and other dirt from your house. Nothing should get in your way when the action starts. 

  • Clean the place

Do a general cleaning of your residence or space. All waste and trash should be properly taken care of before the heating begins. While doing this, get any obstacles out of the way. Pest control specialists say there should be nothing to obstruct the free movement of those doing the job. 

How to Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment
How to Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

After heat treatment.

  • Expect to see your items scattered all over. Things have to be moved to make sure the heat is evenly distributed. Be ready to do a lot of arranging when the process is over. 
  • Open windows to help with the cool-down phase. It is also advisable to run your air conditioning to speed things up. 
  • Do not be scared when you spot dead bugs. It is expected, and you should vacuum them from all surfaces.
  • Wash your bedding on high heat to get rid of any lingering bed bugs or their eggs.
  • Ensure you change your habits and keep everything clean in your home.
  • Arrange for weekly inspection to prevent re-infestation. The last thing you want is for the bed bugs’ problem to persist. 

Common mistakes you should avoid.

  • Removing items from your home before the treatment. You are risking spreading the bed bugs once more when the process is over. Do not move anything except the change clothes you will need. 
  • Do not put your clothes in plastic bags. Leave them in the closet. Bed bugs can lay eggs in clothes so it is important to remove them. 
  • Avoid using any pesticide or over-the-counter products inside your residence. 

If you have signs of termites in your home or bed bugs, it is important to deal with the issue. How to prepare for bed bug heat treatment is necessary for the success of the process. Getting things right makes sure you will not get a re-infestation in the future. Follow the guidelines here, and your bed bug problem will be gone forever.