Is it cheaper to build a house rather than buy? Before we answer this question, it is paramount to weigh the costs involved in both scenarios. For instance, data from the National Association of Home Builders indicates that constructing a single-family home costs an average of $103/sq foot or $289,415.

The costs associated with building a home are mainly dependent on the geographical location of your potential home. So, if you’re wondering, “how much is it to build a house?” and need to get a rough estimate, you must do some research.

To weigh the costs of building a house vs. Buying, you have to consider the inputs in detail.

Fundamental Costs To Build A House

Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy
Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy

There are many different costs you should consider when constructing your home. However, here are the basics of building a house to consider.

– The windows, walls, roofing, and doors make up the shell of your construction and a third of the total cost of your home. These may cost up to $95,474.

– Another cost is the heating and plumbing that will take up almost $37,843.

– Next, you will have to pay for the bathrooms and kitchens. These are the most costly rooms to build in your home. To save some cash, avoid building an extra bathroom for your home.

– You will also need to pay for engineer and architect drawings that could cost you around $4,583.

Other Additional Costs

Building a house cost estimates will not end with the above facilities. You will have to prepare for the following costs too:

– The cost of buying the land. This will put you back around $3,020 per acre. However, you have to consider that most homes are built on 0.2acres so it’ll be cheaper.

– The cost of foundation and excavation work isn’t constant. This is due to the soil differences in different areas. Some places have boulders and others that have bad soil. You will pay up to $33,447 if the soil is good.

– Your building permit will cost you $908.

– Other extra costs include land inspection fees, which cost $ 4,191, and impact fees that cost $1,742.

The Benefits Of Building A House

The question “is it cheaper to build a house rather than buy?” is one that’s laced with various degrees of consideration. One of the aspects that you should consider is the benefits of building. For instance, it is much cheaper to buy a single-family home rather than building one. That being said, there are advantages to building a house.

– Everything, including the piping and cooling and heating systems, is new.

– You have the option to design your home.

If you’re like most people, you’re looking to save some dollars and will at some point wonder is it cheaper to build or buy a home. When considering this, you have to look at the pros and cons of each option carefully. Below, we look at some critical information you should know before buying or building a new home.

Upfront Costs

Even though the price may vary slightly, the average cost of buying a single-family home is $223,000. On the other hand, the average cost of building a house will set you back almost $289,415. You can see that there’s a huge cost difference.

But the extra cost isn’t for nothing. It comes with advantages such as the ability to build a larger home. Additionally, you only build what you want, and that’s the only thing you pay for.


Building A House Vs Buying
Building A House Vs Buying

If you buy an existing home, you have to prepare for maintenance costs to take care of wear and tear. These costs aren’t cheap, especially if you have to replace necessities such as the roof, plumbing, septic systems, or an HVAC system. Unless the home is high-end, you might have to replace more items than you had previously budgeted.

If you choose to build your own home, there isn’t a lot to consider in maintenance. Everything is new and covered by warranty. You can select different AC types for your home and decide on the right one for you rather than relying on one that’s already there.


When deconstructing the question, “is it cheaper to build or buy a house” one of the vital aspects you’ve got to consider is landscaping. A benefit of buying a home is that it’ll come with a mature landscape already in place.

But, choosing to build a new home will set you back thousands of dollars and a lot of time to get you the landscape of your dreams. Creating your landscape into the picturesque backyard you want can cost you up to $3,219.

Energy Efficiency

Most American houses aren’t new. When the construction has seen better days, you’re likely to have dated appliances and windows, which may mean the energy expenses will shoot through the roof. When building a home, the appliances you install are new, and all you need to do is learn about the best appliance maintenance tips to keep them in top working condition.


One benefit of buying an existing home is that it’ll come with price history. You can find out how much it sold for in the past and how much houses in the same neighborhood cost. This is an important aspect to consider since you can easily tell whether the future looks promising for a resale if the prices of homes in the area rise.

New homes don’t hold the same aspect. Instead, it is a gamble as you aren’t aware of what could happen later. There isn’t much data on the pipeline you could use to establish the real estate trends concerning pricing for a new home.

What Will You Do?

In reference to the main point, “is it cheaper to build a house rather than buy,” it is essential to consider the points we’ve covered above. Remember, trends fade fast, so you want to stay away from them as much as possible.