Moving into a new home needs a lot of work. Apart from customizing your new home to accommodate your personal style and changing your address, there is the pest control issue. Controlling pests is easier done before moving in to avoid creating hiding places for them. Insects such as roaches can easily hide among your items, lay eggs and spread before you finish unpacking. This is why pest control tips for new construction will come in handy.

Pest Control Tips For New Construction

A newly constructed home can still be at risk of pests even after a termite inspection. Insects can easily get into your home and overrun your home in days. With a few pest control tips for new construction, it is easy to protect your home from infestations. Keeping your house and compound clean and fixing any damage like broken windows and torn screen doors will also help prevent pests from getting into your new home. Additionally, make sure you do not move to your new home with any critters. The last thing you want to do is bring pests along with you.

Pest Control Tips For New Construction

Weatherize your entire home.

Damaged insulation around the home will affect your power bill negatively. It will also create pathways for pests like roaches and rats into your new home and into the walls. Seal off any cracks, air and water leaks around windows, doors, pipes and vents. New constructions have proper indoor and outdoor weatherization. However, it is advisable to have a thorough inspection done around the house. If you have a pest issue in a specific area in your home, an isolated heat treatment can solve your problem. 

Tidy up the lawn.

Construction sites make perfect homes for rodents and insects. After the construction is done and the place is tidied up, these pests do not move far from the site. That is why it is important to keep the landscape and lawn clean at all times. Overgrown grass, weeds, fallen leaves and other types of litter, provide an adequate environment to host different kinds of pests, especially during hot seasons. These pests eventually move into your home during the cold season. Clear your lawn off all manner of debris, mow the lawn and weed the garden and ensure branches from trees and shrubs don’t come into contact with the exterior of the house. 

Treat your home and have a pest inspection done.

Termite inspections are always done after new construction projects. This does not mean your home is free from other pests. Have your house inspected for any signs of pests before moving in; this will make it easier to identify them and deal with them appropriately. You can also get further tips on how to prevent infestations after moving in.

Inspect your packed items.

As stated earlier, you do not want to take all the necessary measures to prevent pests from getting into your new home only for you to move in with them from your old home. Start by going through items that are stored in the garage and attic. Bedding, curtains, books and clothing are culprits when it comes to hosting pests. Pest control tips for new construction are easy to follow through. Make sure your lawn and landscape are always clean. Your house should be properly weatherized and inspected for any signs of pests.