Do termites hang from the ceiling? If you’ve started to notice some odd-looking tubes hanging around or suspect that there’s something roaming your ceiling, then chances are that there are termites in the ceiling. Even if it’s just a suspicion, you have to know how to inspect for termites so you can do a routine checkup every now and then before it is too late. Do you know how fast termites eat wood? A small colony in the corner won’t do a deeper damage right away, but larger colonies can wreak havoc in a matter of weeks. And if you notice large gaps, holes and deeper structure damages in your ceiling, then they’re signs you have termites all over your place.

Do Termites Hang from the Ceiling
Do Termites Hang from the Ceiling

Do Termites Hang from the Ceiling?

This article will guide you identify the signs that you have termites in your ceiling, teach you how to inspect for termites and how to get rid of them instantly with the proper termite control techniques.

Signs You Have Termites

The signs that you have termites are, sadly, quite obvious, as they will become noticeable structural damage over time. You’ll now that there are termites in the ceiling if you find the following:

  1. Mud-like material that lines the walls and ceilings.
  2. Mud tunnels covering their subterranean headquarters.
  3. Piles of swarmer wings. In fact, these indicate that there are swarmers in the colony, meaning that the nest is near, and that the colony is large enough to start another one soon. Wings are indicators that you have to act fast.
  4. Termite galleries, which are essentially empty spaces left in the wood as they ate their way through it. Although they’re more common in wooden walls, you might find them occasionally on ceilings, at least if they’re not covered by mud tunnels.

How To Inspect For Termites

First things first: get a flashlight, a screwdriver and/or pocket knife. Check the areas where you found the signs we listed above and immediately inspect the tubes and holes you find in the ceiling.

Using your screwdriver or pocket knife, probe the wood and inspect both the exterior and interior surfaces. Be sure to check the walls too, if they’re made of wood.

Be sure to inspect the following areas and look into pest control tips — especially for new construction homes:

  • Any wood construction or crawl space located in the ceiling.
  • Anything that supports the ceiling, such as support posts, window frames and so on.
  • If you happen to own a cement, brick or otherwise hard-material ceiling, look for hollow blocks, cracks and expansion joints; termites would have surely crawled into the hard surface through them.

How to Get Rid of Termites

We recommend you to hire a professional pest control to assess damages, detect termites and solve your problem in an effective way. This way, you’ll also be able to enjoy the benefits of pest control services. However, you can also try using some of the following DIY pest prevention methods too:

  • Use a liquid termite barrier and spray it around your house. Not only will it poison existing termites upon contact: it will prevent more from coming too.
  • If the termite barrier is too harsh for you, or if you have children at home, you can use poisoned bait instead. Termites who eat it will spread the poison all around the colony in no time.
  • If you catch termites on the spot, use a direct chemical treatment, such as Termidor Foam, to attack the colony directly inside your house. Keep in mind that the previous options are meant for exterior use, while this chemical treatment is meant to be used inside your house.
  • For a lower-toxicity solution, use boric acid.
  • Two of the best natural solutions are using either small worms called nematodes or tiny aquatic organisms called diatoms. Although they won’t work right away, they’re 100% safe for humans and are an organic way to get rid of the termites in the long run.

Last Considerations

Do termites make holes in the ceiling?

Yes. They break through drywall or wood, and even create holes through which they dispose of their feces and waste. Because termites sometimes through these holes, it will be much easier to know you have termites in the ceiling.

Can you hear termites on the roof?

Very subtly, but yes. You just have to pay close attention, especially at nighttime, when they’re more active.

Bottom Line

So, let’s sum up: do termites hang from the ceiling? Yes, and them falling through the very same holes they make in the ceiling is the most glaring sign among all signs that you have termites hanging from your ceiling. So, how fast do termites eat wood? It depends on how big the colony is, but the larger, the faster. Do read our article over and over until you fully understand how to inspect for termites thoroughly and how to get rid of the termites in the ceiling before they pose an actual threat for you and your family.