When you want your windows to be in sync with modernity, casement windows will not let you down. They are functional and send a message of elegance. When you decide to use them, you will be confronted by various types of casement windows. Just like anything that has many options, your decision will not be easy.

Types of Casement Windows

To help you know precisely what types you are choosing, this post will explore the types of casement windows. It will detail each and make it easy for you to choose your new windows or replace your old ones. 

Push-Out Casement Windows

These are the least popular type. They come in two styles: single and double. Therefore when it comes to a variety of styling, this is the window type you should go for. Their most outstanding feature is that they use handles and not cranks. 

Single-Frame Casement Windows

It is these single-frame windows that define casement windows. They are the most common of them all. Just like the name, they have a single frame. On the inside of the frames are glass panels known as lights. In between the panels are wooden strips. You can decide to have the lights opening inwards or outwards by choosing a specific type of mounting. 

Double Casement Windows

Originally, this type was referred to as French casement windows. It is a composition of two windows attached to opposite sides. They are hinged to make it easy for movement. When you swing them, they both come to meet at the middle ground. Obviously, they are more expensive than the single-frame types. However, you get value for your money as they add a sense of elegance to your home.

Choosing the Right Type of Casement Windows for Your Home

Casement windows are a popular choice among homeowners. That popularity is for very good reasons. The windows come in a variety of styles. You can choose whichever style that fits into your home model. Another reason is that they are attractive. Therefore, they add an aesthetic edge to your home. Finally, these windows are energy-efficient. Many homes are trying to bring down energy consumption. If casement windows can help you towards that end, why not choose them?

Now to the matter of choosing your casement window, it is all a matter of preference. Whatever appeals to your eyes, you should go for it. However, there is a score of other factors that will affect your decision. 

Your type of home will be a consideration you should make. Different home models will work well with particular types of windows. Cost is also another thing you should think about before making a purchasing decision. Double casement windows will be more expensive by virtue of more material and elegance. Whatever you settle for, make sure it suits your home and will not blow up your bank account. You still have other expenses at home once you buy the windows. 

Bottom Line

When deciding on the final touches of your house, you will come across the types of casement windows. They are a terrific choice for any home that you’re purchasing or building, and come with great window frames that go with any home design and you may want to give them serious consideration.