The living quarters you reside in are merely but a blank page on which you tell your story. There are a plethora of considerations when it comes to selecting bit part sections of your home decor. Such considerations are centered on the very nature of the person living in that space.

One aspect of interior décor that people look into is window accents. A plain bare window is not enough. Window accents have been a staple for homeowners for style points and security and lighting.

Many drapes or blinds options for your windows typically allow for bolder and stronger color templates, while for something a little bit simpler, shutters and shades do the trick. Accents give an added regulatory capacity for light control, heat management, and privacy protection.

When we think of blinds, the first thought that rocks our minds are interior window accouterments. What if I told you there were window accents for the outside façade of windows? Enter exterior shutters. Are house shutters outdated, you might ask? Let’s find out.

What are Exterior Shutters?

Types Of Exterior Shutters
Types Of Exterior Shutters

Might you be searching for unique ways to accentuate your window? Perhaps to give your outdoor coat of paint a new lease on life? Who are you going to call? Exterior shutters! The prevailing sentiment on window accents is that they principally accompany interior décor, and it leans toward the notion, are house shutters out outdated.

However, some options can be implemented outside. Exterior shutters answer the challenge of finding a new way to give something warm, fresh, and different to your home front. A regular window shutter comprises of vertical and upright louvres that are built into the framework of the shutter body.

A different approach to the home aesthetic, such as this, makes for a great addition to a home. While there are a great many reasons for homeowners to indulge in window shutters, the three main reasons are;

  • Keep a manageable external view while maintaining a worthwhile degree of privacy
  • Regulate the exposure of solar radiation that enters your living space
  • Confer added protection to your window panels

Big frames lodged on both sides of the window comprise the makeup of an exterior shutter. Throughout history, blinds served to give the people inside a comfort measure because bystanders and passers-by outside could not see their business.

However, with passing times, the exterior shutter has become a stylistic device for home decorators adding a modern edge to many types of casement windows. Shutters confer a particular vintage and quaint look to modern housing for a happy fusion of old and new. Ventilation and sunlight exposure remain unhindered through the louvres, an added benefit.

What are the Benefits Of Exterior Shutters?

Functionality reigned supreme when it came to the application of exterior shutters. More homeowners are adopting them for style, and with new types of window accents coming up, more benefits are accrued.

A burning question for inquiring minds usually is, are house shutters outdated? A rising popularity profile and inbuilt versatility provide an answer to the question. A growing market in home styling today swear by exterior shutters and by no means ask are exterior shutters out of style.

In addition, it has encouraged aspiring homeowners that they do not have to build a custom home to get their dream living situation. They provide traditional benefits of exterior shutters, such as added vintage prestige and a different set of benefits.

  • Rapid Blinds suggests that whether you want to splash a dash of color to revive your home façade or want to find a unique way of telling your own story through style, exterior shutters are great for customizability and versatility.
  • Exterior shutters can take your home arrangement up to another level. Besides, they are very energy-friendly with high marks for conservation and efficiency. During hot and humid days, the louvred panels allow a breeze in while acting as a semi thermal sink for heat.
  • They give an extra facet of protection for homeowners. Some are instituted with locking and latching apparatus for extra caution. The sound of lock fidgeting and movement can signal possible tampering, thereby alerting you as to the presence of an unwanted party.
  • Just in the same vein as indoor blinds, house shutters allow homeowners the comfort of keeping their business away from prying eyes. All you might want to do is adjust the panels, and you are set for some personal time.

Are Exterior Shutters Easy To Maintain?

Are Exterior Shutters Out Of Style
Are Exterior Shutters Out Of Style

Well, are house shutters outdated? Houses with shutters on windows have a similar maintenance paradigm to indoor blinds. The only wrinkle in the care for outside window shutters comes in some of the maintenance process’ minutiae.

Many exterior false window shutters are not easily accessible from within the house than blinds and indoor shutters. A ladder might have to be used to access these exterior house shutters for dusting and cleaning.

Safety for the cleaning personnel comes into consideration if that is the case. Light feather dusting is adequate for prompt cleaning. For more labor-intensive cleaning, the window shutter can be doused with jets of water and brushed with soap, depending on the types of exterior shutters.  It is advisable to clean the windows and the shutters at the same time.  Having the right tools for the job will make it a lot easier.

There is a unique cleaning regimen for shutters on every window. After which, it is patted dry using a clean cloth. Before making any purchase, make sure to have the shutters customized and treated for exterior use.