How often should air conditioning units be serviced? Many AC Units owners are unaware that they should perform a checkup every now and then, and yet they don’t discover this until they start noticing issues with their units and start browsing in Google to know how to make the AC colder in the house. If you want to make your air conditioner work better and reduce your energy bill, you need to follow some AC maintenance tips you need to perform often, if not yearly, for an optimal AC performance. But wait, is it necessary to service your AC every year? Yes and no, and we’ll explain why.

How Often Should Air Conditioning Units be Serviced

Experts suggest servicing your conditioners, both heating and air systems about once a year, with spring being the most recommended period to do so. However, you need to perform some maintenance on a regular basis to make your air conditioner work better. But, should you do it yourself, or let a professional handle it? Here are some pointers that will help you take the best decision.

DIY AC Maintenance Tips

How Often Should Air Conditioning Units be Serviced
How Often Should Air Conditioning Units be Serviced

If you want to use your AC more economically, it is important to maintain it. You can perform the AC Units servicing yourself, as long as you follow these crucial pointers:

Change the Air Filter

One of the most important and easiest ways to maintain your unit is through a new filter. Read your unit’s manufacturer’s booklet and follow its specifications and instructions; afterwards, locate your unit’s filter slot, slide out the old filter and insert the new one.

Of course, not all filters are the same. They come in different “strengths,” depending on how you want the air to be filtered in your home, and if you live with allergic family members or pets, you might have to replace them every now and then. If you have to do this, then we recommend that you replace the filters every 90 days.

Do A Spring Cleaning

After you replace the filters, check that all the indoor vents are clean. For that, pour a cup of bleach mixed with water down the drain of the outer unit to prevent mold and algae buildup. Then, ensure the unit is on a level surface is clean from any debris, and has the proper amount of insulation around the refrigerant lines. For safety issues, however, we recommend you to contact a professional to assist you with this part.

Test Your AC’s Performance

After you’ve checked the outside appearance of your AC, turn on your unit and let’s see how it works. Check if your house gets cooler, if the unit works quietly and if it runs normally. Don’t worry if you notice some smell if this is the first time you turn the AC on: it’s the unit clearing the dust that may have settled since the last time you turned it on.

When to Let the Professionals Service Your Home Air Conditioner

How Often Should Air Conditioning Units be Serviced
How Often Should Air Conditioning Units be Serviced

If you performed the previous steps but noticed some unusual signs – strange noises, hot air, unresponsiveness – then it’s time to call a professional.

The steps we numbered in the previous section can be done by yourself and are overall safe to do. However, any slight imperfection shouldn’t be treated so loosely, so call a professional if any something is amiss. You’ll have the benefit of also setting up more formal appointments with an experienced technician who can help you on a regular basis, if you want it so.

Tip: When looking for an experienced technician, make sure they have the proper HVAC tools and apps to properly service your HVAC unit. It will make all the difference.


How often should you have your air conditioner serviced?

Even if your unit doesn’t externalize any kind of issues, professionals recommend you to have it inspected at least once per year for maximum efficiency. Not servicing your AC unit can affect the air conditioning cycle

Is it necessary to service AC every year?

Yes, every year in order to prevent future problems and unwanted costs.

What is included in AC maintenance?

Every good AC maintenance inspection should check the motor, blower, drain line, coils, operating pressures and temperatures, the return and supply lines, refrigerant levels, and connections.

So, how often should air conditioning units be serviced? Once a year, and with regular maintenance and cleanups where needed. Is it necessary to service your AC every year, though? Yes; if you want a functioning AC unit, then you have to. However, if you want to make your air conditioner work better, then perform our AC maintenance tips on a regular basis so you can save some time and money on the servicing. Likewise, if you start noticing some problems you can’t handle – for example, you don’t know how to make the AC colder in the house – then you need to call a professional. Remember: it’s for your and your family’s safety.