Having a swimming pool at home can be the best addition for your outdoor space. In the hotter summer days, you will definitely crave to have a dip at the pool. Even simply sitting by the pool can also help you relax and unwind. Although, even the swimming pool water gets hotter in the summer because of the direct sun rays and hot weather outside. Hence, one of the most frequently asked questions is – how do you cool down a swimming pool? Well, there are many ways by which you can cool down the pool water.

How Do You Cool Down a Swimming Pool?

So, how do you cool down a swimming pool? You need to run the filter at night, add ice to your pool, don’t block the pool and more.

#1: Run the Filter at Night

The most practical way to cool down pool water is by running the filter during the night time. In the night, the air is much cooler than the daytime. This will help your water to get evaporated. Thus, it will help by making the water of the pool a bit more refreshing and cooler in the morning. However, you cannot expect a huge difference unless you have a cooling system installed in the water.

#2: With Ice

Another effective way to cool down the water temperature in your pool is by using ice. This can provide you with a more drastic result. You can get access to large quantities of ice at an affordable rate, and this is why a lot of pool owners opt for this technique for when they want to cool their pool down quickly.

#3: Do Not Block the Pool

If you have a landscape that is blocking the pool, then you need to change it. When the wind cannot pass through the pool area, it can naturally get more heated up. So, you need to make sure that you are keeping the area clean, allowing the air to flow and circulate properly. Check out the latest trends in pools so that you make your backyard look as great as possible.

#4: Installing a Reverse-Cycle Heat Pump

Heat pumps are not only for heating your swimming pool water, but it uses a refrigerant that can help you to maintain a specified water temperature of the pool. It can provide you with both cooling and heating cycles. That means that you can use this pump for cooling down your pool water as well.

#5: Installing a Water Fountain

Moving water can be the best way to keep your water cool. It can make the water fresher and cooler than that of the still or stagnant water. So, if you can add fountain to your swimming pool, then it will help your pool water to remain cool. Besides being functional, these fountains can also be fun and add aesthetic value to your pool.


Wondering, “How do you cool down a swimming pool?” You can apply any of these methods to maintain a cooler temperature for the different types of pools and their materials. You can use the fountain method, pool heater or the filter method for the most efficient result. These are much easier ways than that of buying a truckload of ice. Regardless of what method you choose to use to cool down your pool, it’s equally as important to keep your pool cleaned for the upcoming summer.


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