When you decide to organize your garage, the first thing that will probably come to mind is the costs involved. And if your garage is in a mess, chances are you can’t even remember the last time you parked your car in there. When you consider the time, energy, shelving and containers, the entire process can add stress and dollar signs. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips on how to organize a garage on a tight budget.

How to Organize a Garage on a Tight Budget

This article points out how you can organize your garage and make it more functional without spending a fortune.

Organize Before You Buy

Many people make the mistake of purchasing a bunch of storage bins, piling them up with stuff and forgetting about them. Though this method is fast, finding anything in the future can be a nightmare. Before purchasing storage solutions for the garage, take an inventory of your belongings.

How to Organize a Garage on a Tight Budget

Start by organizing items into piles – garden supplies, sports equipment, etc. Then split the piles into smaller categories based on size. For instance, safety gear like knee pads and helmets can be in their own sub-pile in the sports equipment category. The only items you don’t need to organize are those you’re going to sell at a garage sale or donate. You can also have your tool storage in it’s own section. Get rid of anything that’s missing pieces, is damaged or broken.

Think Vertical

Assume your garage is a tiny house. You can make the most of the garage space available by using ceiling storage and tall shelves. A useful tip is to keep the items that you rarely use such as camping equipment and Christmas décor towards the top.

Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk can save you loads of cash. For instance, you can shop for bins, sheds and shelves at wholesale stores for about 30%-50% less than retail.

Use Pegboards

How to Organize a Garage on a Tight Budget

Measure and cut about ¼-inch thick pegboard. You can create a pegboard frame by backing it with 2×4’. Finally, use 2-inch drywall screws to fasten the board to your garage walls. You can then add various hooks to the board to hold shoes, tools, ski poles and more. It helps to secure the hooks with zip ties and hot glue to prevent them from falling out.

Repurpose Old Furniture

If your garage needs organizing, then it’s likely you have some furniture collecting dust in there somewhere. Make the most of your unused pieces of furniture. For instance, you can create a storage bin from a beat-up bookcase. Similarly, you can create a workbench by taking out drawers from an old chest.

Hook and Hang Rides

Garage ceiling mounts can be quite costly, often going for about 200$-300$. However, with just about $4, you can use plywood and some heavy-duty hooks that will be perfect for storing your bikes on the ceiling.

Bottom Line

With these quick storage tips mentioned on how to organize your garage on a tight budget, you make the most of your garage space. Make sure you have the things you use frequently within reach just so you’re not flipping things around each time you need a hammer, for example.